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last month

A misty morning after the first rain for a long time in Australia. 😭 Back in berrrrlin now ❤️ #ricohgr #ricohgr3 #ricoh

Dec 2019

A wise old man called Dennis Rodman once said: “life is like a swimming pool. You dive into the water, but you can't see how deep it is.” To that I say, “buy high-powered underwater LED lights and get them installed by a licensed electrician”. #burntretinas #nightswimming #ricohgr3 #grsnaps

Dec 2019

Getting toasted + washing line + sunshine = artttyyyyy #ricohgr3

Oct 2019

Check out Jackson Dyer’s beautiful new single ‘The Font’. We made a live video for it and many fun times were had. Featuring lush strings/double bass by Youka Manuka & Huntly Gordon. Directed by me, AD by Alex Forrest & Produced by KATSU. Special Thanks to Richie Young and @tischendorf_cafe Link in bio

Aug 2019

Check out this live version of Noah Slee’s new single ‘Soulflower’. I filmed it in our apartment with some plants and some beautiful people. Shoutout to the plants tho...greenboi jnr trying to escape out that back window 🌱 👋 But really... @youkamanuka @sedricperry @aarontalkstoomuch damnnn you sound good. And if you haven’t listened to the lyrics in this track...go deep @noahslee kicked it out of the arena with this one 🏟 💓 💓 Link in bio

Jun 2019

The music video for ‘Feel Better’ by @sayyesdog is finally out! Link in bio. I directed, filmed and edited this earlier in the year and it was such a pleasure working with these boys. They were down for all the weird ideas and were heavily involved throughout. Many, many vodkas were consumed. Thanks soooo much to everyone who helped on this project...these things are impossible to do on small budgets and we would have been fuckkkked without you. Special thanks to mah baby @youkamanuka who was the AD and art director xxx

Jun 2019

Tomorrow is release day! ‘Feel Better’ is the new music video I filmed and directed for @sayyesdog There’s a lot of random shit in this one...😂 It’s called art okkkkkaaayyy? 🐕 🦴🌭🐶 Link now in bio

May 2019

Ahhh it’s a beautiful spring afternoon filled with the sound of ancient Japanese shredding. I made a lil video last week for Mitsune (Youka’s Shamisen project ). Check it out at @mitsunemusic

Feb 2019

Waiting for nightfall above the clouds. Damnnnn the stars were the brightest I’ve ever seen 😍😭✨💫⭐️☄️

Nov 2018

Neukölln fog 😱

Oct 2018

My love 😍

Jul 2018

This Friday night! Killbot Kindergarten is finally back with all new material. We’re playing with some great live acts at @badehaus_berlin ... come party with us! 😘 Xxx @j .lamotta.suzume @paul .wetshirt @depascaal @jogoeshunting @aaronahrends

Jun 2018

YESSS RELEASE DAY! I filmed and directed this music video for amazing artist and dear friend, @noahslee . Shot during the middle of Berlin winter in sub zero conditions, it was a challenge to say the least! I adore this track, so I'm grateful to Noah for letting me bring it to life visually. 🙏 Thanks to @complex for the premiere and a special thank you to everyone who helped on this project. Xx 😘 Full link in Bio

May 2018

That moon last night 😍🤤💕

Apr 2018

Summmmmer is coming

Feb 2018

Looks like a nice summer afternoon if you didn’t know better #icyhot

Dec 2017

Dec 2017

Nov 2017


Sep 2017

Birthday girl ❤️

Sep 2017

The sound of these giant waves was amazing...crazy sub tones

Sep 2017

I’ve wanted to come here foreverrrrr. Wrong time of the year for the real giants, but still got to see some 20ft little monsters!

Sep 2017

orb life

Sep 2017

Playing at this amazing villa in Tuscany tonight! #backinitalia 🇮🇹