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Throw back Thursday.... or whatever day it is. Not the time for any new photo shoots #stayhome so I reached into the archives for a photo from one of my favorite shoots of all time. Shoutout to my model supreme @melaniegiessen and make up artist superb @lavluxeinc .dannie ....... 😍. • #coronavirus #besmart #stayhealthy #staysafe

6 days ago

A friendly reminder to ISOLATE.... • #stayhome #flattenthecurve #covid_19 #impres

2 weeks ago

Corona=Crown in Spanish.... and when you nail an eLAB case with the magnificent @cardona_thomas , the Corona blends seamless into the natural dentition. Oh yeah, it's tooth 10 aka 2-2.... • Stay safe and healthy everyone 🙏🏼. • #elabrules @heinsascha #staysafe #coronavirus

2 weeks ago

𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 . The past few weeks have been non-stop travel, preparation and planning for back-to-back lectures with Amanda. We get so giddy and excited to post all the photos and videos from our courses but we felt compelled to post this one first. It’s not glitzy or glamorous. It’s the reality of what happens behind the scenes in getting ready for a lecture. Our course at the Kois Center was one of the most involved and intensive courses we have ever given. The amount of products, materials and details involved was tremendous and it had to be done one weekend in Charleston and immediately shipped for the following weekend in Seattle. This could NOT have happened without the incredible team at the Kois Center under the direction of Johnny Kois. We literally had countless hands helping us at all times. . There are people behind the scenes that make you look good. We couldn’t do it without them. Here is just a clip of all they do. Thank you Paul Vernon, Devin McClintock, Frankie Cormio and Kois Center Team! . With humble hearts and much gratitude for all you do! Amanda and Adamo . #togetherwecan #tribe #koistrained @koiscenter

3 weeks ago

The best view comes from the hardest climb….. * I still can’t explain the amazing feeling I had standing on the podium at the @koiscenter this past weekend as my dream team sidekick @doctorseay and I gave our 3 day course, Capture & Create: Composite Artistry to 39 outstanding individuals. I know I speak for both of us when I say it was a dream come true. * A huge thank you to the @koiscenter staff. You all are truly amazing and run a world class facility! * @doctorseay , I think we did enough crying during the closing remarks (LOL ) so I will simply say, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. * Finally, to an amazing group. You all were an absolute pleasure to be around. Keep working as hard as you did those 3 days. Remember, the sky is the limit, and #talentisoverrated . * @adamsidi28 @dr .sabihabunek @drkeertienso @igkat @ashleyjovesdds @scottydeckerman @docta_jones03 @christopherbaerdmd @drtammymoffett @drgraas @alinaatrue @dr_wallace @river_landing_dental @moosealope88 @tradkey @360dentalcareatx @nashvilledentistrycompany @doctorfarnoush @polishedgeneraldentistry @brlevin @zeisdental @tara_ellen @doctor .devdev @griffpark @alexandra_dds @dr_kois @paulvrenon

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Excited for this one.... local lecture with the one and only creator of elab @heinsascha . Thank you to @synergydentalceramics for hosting it! For more information contact info @synergydentalceramics .com. • #elab #shadematching

4 weeks ago

A tip from the queen 👑... @doctorseay .... this past weekend we used the optrapad instrument from @ivoclarvivadent_na numerous times in our synthesis course.... and the queen gave a tip on how she uses it to insert veneers..... sounded brilliant, and it is! 😍. • Veneers by the one and only @cardona_thomas . • #impres #charleston #lowcountry #nevertoogoodtolearn

5 weeks ago

Thank you to an outstanding group at Synthesis this past weekend in Charleston.. @adamoelvis and @doctorseay are truly humbled and blessed by all your love and support... • There are some spots left for the remaining imPRES courses this year... don’t wAit... SIGN UP NOW !!! • #impres #charleston #lowcountry

last month

DIASTEMA CLOSURE with composite... • In light of a great presentation I saw at AARD by my good friend @marcosvargas999 , and the upcoming Synthesis course this weekend in Charleston with the one and only @doctorseay , I decided to post this simple diastema closure. At first glance the thought was, these teeth are gonna look enormous. But with line angle changes, texture and a good color match, the illusion is created properly. Practice creates excellence and #talentisoverrated#impres #synthesis #responsibleesthetics @theaacd @koiscenter

last month

Ladies and gentlemen.... @doctorseay and @adamoelvis have a very exciting announcement... • The sold out course SYNTHESIS is about to have its second date released for 2020! • December 4 and 5 in Charleston SC. • Registration begins Monday February 24 at 9am eastern time. • Visit www.imprescourses.com to register! • Don’t miss it!!! 👊🏼👊🏼 • #impres #charleston #lowcountry

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I dedicate this post to @davey_alleman_dmd . The white flag has been raised…. he went back to posterior posts so here is my highly anticipated anterior post. * For me, this is an #almostGRAM (which I stopped cause y’all said I was crazy ). Very difficult shade match which I am super happy with HOWEVER, in my opinion I over textured, under polished and you can see my resin finish line toward the distal. Grading myself, I say B- to B….. * Great way to see the importance of good photography as it relates to self assessment. I am the only person I assess, not anyone else. It’s me against me always trying to improve. It doesn’t matter how good you are now, as long as whatever procedure you did today was the worst one you’ll ever do. * #talentisoverated #impres #FAACD #cosmeticdentist

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Valentine's Day surprise..... my man @iamtonytesta released his new single Diamond Gurl 💎💎...... and gave @melaniegiessen and I our first album cover art 😍🙏🏼. • #talentisoverated #diamondgurl #dentist #photogtaphy #canon

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#repost @drdeaguiar ・・・ Have you ever been think of what you left in others ... thank you everyone for having us #peacefully #thankfully . • 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

last month

Happy Valentines Day 💋❤️. • @melaniegiessen

last month

Step so far out of your comfort zone that you forget how to get back.... • Not a typical post for me... as a matter of fact, I never appreciated the art in the posterior until I started following my friends and rockstar clinicians like @drtadfi @dr .yohanchoi @thedentaldutchman @dr .billgergis @davey_alleman_dmd @drstewartbeggs @dentistrybyfreek @omarrakeen2 .0 @dr .bharat.agrawal (sorry if I missed anyone ). My #rubberdamfam has helped me raise my bar yet again... thank you mates 🙏🏼🙏🏼. • Patient fractured the lingual wall, full resin buildup with @ivoclarvivadent_na Tetric ceram and ochre tint. The pre op pic is band placed and isolation after the amalgam was removed but prior to excavating all decay. • Put your heart and soul into every procedure, because people with great passion make the impossible happen. • #impres #cosmeticdentist #talentisoverrated

last month

Incredible crew, outstanding venue, gracious hosts.... thank you @microdentallaboratories for your hospitality. This group was pure excellence. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 See you next year, March 2021 Info: wprmcursos @gmail .com #wprm #sanfrancisco @elmoresdds @dianagermain @stevebarrettdds @melaniegiessen @tiffanidmd @tdunn .dmd @avenuedental_losangeles @kikumonster @smileandcompany @ashleyjovesdds @waldendental @drginlaq @dansorrick @dr .o_ragab @sara .davidson.dds @leslietamdds @lt_valenzuela @randyhtrandds @drtfincher @potrerohilldental @southhilldentalcenter @christinehansendds @rjshops4 @omargabrdds @gabrielceballos .studio @annacampofiorito

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Wings, to show what you can become..... Roots, to remind you where you came from! • So excited to be back in San Francisco @microdentallaboratories teaching with the two that got me started. My brothers and forever inspiration in photography @jesusostos and @drdeaguiar . I'm forever grateful for the 🔥 you lit inside me..... thank you for helping me reach potentials I never thought possible. Life will take us all on new journeys, but I will never forget where it started 🙏🏼. • Photos are the new lipstick line from my Homegirl and super Mua @m1ssl1samar1e . • Supermodel: Duh.... @melaniegiessen#humbled #grateful #wprm

last month

The more technique you have, the less you have to worry about it… Pablo Picasso. * Todays insert, 6 anterior units, under absolute isolation. Swipe left to see the final insertion, and one more time to see the aftermath (one only @bloodytoothguy could love ). For those who say you can insert without ideal isolation and bond properly, I beg to differ. * A big thanks to @midwestdentalarts for the beautiful ceramics. * For a bonding and isolation clinic, join myself, @doctorseay and @rolanbond in Charleston for the Nexus Series. Visit www.imprescourses.com to register. Limited seating available. * #rubberdamfam #impres #nexus #charleston #lowcountry

Jan 2020

7 year follow up.... composite resin. • Emergency patient who fell in high heals at a wedding (not alcohol induced 😂😂 )... she wanted nothing to do with porcelain, BONDING ONLY... she was a dental assistant. • For those who say composite won't last, remember 3 things... 1 ) technique 2 ) occlusion 3 ) Patient compliance... • It's not the arrow it's the archer. • #dradamo #impres #cosmeticdentist #talentisoverrated

Jan 2020

Registration still open. Limited seating available. Sign up now for Collideoscope in March........ • You will learn everything from camera settings and functions, basic photography series for day to day practice, shade and lab communication, portraits and artistic expression, basic editing, marketing and personal branding. You don’t want to miss this 2 Day Hands On extravaganza.... • Visit www.imprescourses.com to register. • #impres #collideoscope #charleston #lowcountry @doctorseay @adamoelvis

Jan 2020

NO fancy lights… NO bouncers or diffusers…. just straight twin flash. * Lately I have been seeing such inconsistency in before & afters it drives me crazy. The lighting in the before and after aren’t even close and the improper use of soft boxes and diffusers washes away any chance of evaluating texture, translucency and overall esthetics. I am not against soft boxes and diffusers by any means, but use them properly and consistently. * If you want to see the truth in your work, test it under a ring or twin flash. They hide nothing….. unlike other lights. Just sayin…... * Simple case, 10 YEAR POST OP. Pre op shows color difference between 8 & 9, and a midline cant. Corrected by a mesial resin on #9 and a new crown on #8 . * For the Accreditation and Fellowship process with @theaacd , the use of soft boxes, diffusers or bouncers is prohibited. Why? Cause it hides every fault there is. #truth * #responsibleesthetics #doitthehardway #talentisoverrated #impres

Jan 2020

"3 dentists walk into a room and........ 🔥🔥🔥"........ • @christinawangdmd @dr .colleenahern . • VIDEO CRED: @frankiecormio

Jan 2020

What are you waiting for?????.... • 2020 courses filling up fast. Visit www.imprescourses.com to register. • #impres #charleston #lowcountry@doctorseay @adamoelvis @rolanbond . • Video by @frankiecormio

Jan 2020

When I was a young soccer player, I was very superstitious of the number 13. In fact, the only number I would wear was 10. During one high school all star game I was assigned the number 13…. I left that game in a stretcher and never wore #13 again. * Today is January 13, and it is the 2 year anniversary of the passing of my close friend, and world class ceramist Hak Joo Savercool. Confirmation that I dislike the number 13 more than I did as a kid…..To say I miss her dearly is an understatement. * I thought it would get easier as time went on, but I was so wrong. Maybe because I see the smiles you created every day on the many patients we helped. Or the fact that you occupy 80% of the slides of every lecture I give. Regardless, truth is, I can’t forget you, nor do I want to. * After receiving my fellowship in San Diego, I received a gift in the mail from @brent_frontierdental , the first Lab Hak Joo worked at. He sent me her Barbed Parker tool with her initials, which he was still using. Attached was one of the nicest letters I have ever received (swipe left ). Brent, I had both items framed and it hangs in my office. I can’t thank you enough for this memory. * Hak Joo, I miss you everyday. I know you’ve been watching over me because life has me too blessed to be stressed. You are the G.O.A.T! You made me look good for many years, and you continue to do so even though you’re gone….. Until we meet again. * #RIP #Hakjoorules #GOAT