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This year gon' be different I set my intentions I promise to slap all that hate out your voice @askxpen

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1 weeks ago

MAY 28 2/2 Anthony’s sneakers but more importantly his leg hair.

1 weeks ago

MAY 28 1/2

2 weeks ago

MAY 25 1. Kenny smiling 2. Ricky bored in Chinese class (understandable ) 3. Max being Max There's something about the Helios lens that just makes everything look cool

2 weeks ago

The Helios 44-2 doing some cool stuff

2 weeks ago

I still want to thank everyone who helped me with the club.

4 weeks ago

Everything looks better in black and white

Mar 2020

When you see something incredible happens in front of ur eyes. SWIPE LEFT

Mar 2020

Haven’t changed a bit, until tomorrow

Mar 2020

Can’t really find inspiration when your wall of inspiration isn’t updated because @wired magazine freaks up your order.

Mar 2020

For anyone who thinks I just shoot a video in the rain. I have a clip of @sammie .yao playing the piano and I just had to use it.

Feb 2020

When you didn’t save your work and your little brother quits the program. Three hours of work gone. #blender

Feb 2020

Spent the morning making a sweet render. #blender

Dec 2019

Bored. I only tagged the people I recognize and know their accounts #kcmun #theoffice

Dec 2019

I might prefer twitter over Instagram #bobross

Dec 2019

This sums it up # #ymunk2019

Oct 2019

Love @siliconhbo but can’t find any of the season six poster online so I made one in illustrator not the best but I tried. 😢 It’s the last season, have you watched season 6 episode 1 yet? @tombini @martinstarr #siliconvalleyhbo #piedpiper #richardhendricks #gilfoyletheredpinesquirrel

Jul 2019

Bullshit people that are so call “ARTIST” will leave quote they found online like “the eye is the door to the soul.” What I’ll do is leave quotes that’s actual advice for life like “the eye is where you should be looking when you talk to people.”

Jul 2019

Take off your sunglasses

Jul 2019

Hiking. Hollywood sign. Alliteration. Sorta. Smile on my face. Oh there’s another one. What the heck am I doing. Enjoying Here.

Jun 2019

Photos I took. #visionboards #vibe

Jun 2019

BREAKFAST - new microfilm starring my brother available 7PM tonight on my YouTube channel, first film that people might be able to understand #microfilm #noob

Jun 2019

MacBook Pro 2020 just a concept it’s not great but shows the idea #wwdc2019 #mac #apple #applefan #macbookpro #macpro

May 2019

This is a short film. Go to my bio to watch it

May 2019

1. Great learning experience from @anthony_francisco_art 2. Master at work 3. wakanda forever 4. Full awkwardness in the top right corner 5. Signed by @anthony_francisco_art 6. Also signed by @anthony_francisco_art (you can’t tag someone four time in a post Me: hold my beer ) 7. Signed by @xxy_djfishmb 8. Is that @j_corden under the makeup? 9. Emo groot 10. Picture with @xxy_djfishmb