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3 days ago

How can you SAVE MONEY on PHOTOGRAPHY? 🧐 • If you aren’t at the stage of hiring a photographer yet, here are a few ways to save money with photos: • 1. Reach out to your BLOGGER FRIENDS 👯‍♀️– When we go on trips together, we take each other’s photos! • 2. Reach out to your friends and family – When we’re on family trips, we ll usually will ask siblings or significant others to take out photos. • 3. Take YOUR OWN photos 🙋🏽‍♀️ – We’ve both set up tripods before and snapped our own photos if we didn’t have someone who could take them. • In our latest podcast episode, we share 9 MORE ways to CREATE CONTENT on a BUDGET! 🙌🏽🙌🏽 Listen in on #iTunesPodcast , #Spotify , #GooglePodcast , #iHeartRadio and more. 📷: @emmasedition @madcrayy #phototips #photographytips #californialife #losangelescalifornia

5 days ago

What’s the BONUS TIP for week’s episode “How to Create Content on a Budget”? 🧐 • If you collaborate and plan photo shoots with other bloggers, SPLIT THE COST! 💴 ✂️ Your friends/group of content creators can share the cost of photography and props. • Have you ever collaborated with other content creators in your city or hometown? 👯‍♀️ 📷: @emmasedition @madcrayy #podcastersofig #losangelescalifornia #contentcreation #creativewomen #podcastsforwomen #podcaster #melroseavenue

1 weeks ago

What’s one way to SAVE MONEY on clothes, shoes, and accessories? 💴 • SHOP SECONDHAND. 🙌🏽 • As fashion bloggers, you might feel the pressure to constantly refresh your wardrobe or have new pieces to feature on your blog or Instagram. One way to cut down the cost of purchasing new items is to shop secondhand. We recommend shopping at: • 1. Value Village • 2. Goodwill • 3. ThredUp • 4. Crossroads Trading • 5. Buffalo Exchange • How do you save on clothes, shoes, and accessories? 🧐 📷: @madcrayy #figandolive Location: @figandolive #melroseavenue #losangelesfood #losangeleslife #LAblogger #melrose

2 weeks ago

What do you use to create videos for IGTV, TikTok, or YouTube? 📹 • I (Emma ) use Splice for all my TikTok Videos and Maddy uses Videoleap. • A few highlights of Splice are that you can make simple cuts, take out the original sound of the videos, and there’s a small library of royalty free music you can add onto your videos. • A few highlights of Videoleap are that you can record voice overs, add text, and also take out the original sound of videos. • Both video editing apps are free! • Maddy and I share 8 MORE TOOLS to use to create and organize content on our latest podcast episode! ☺️🙌🏽 • What’s one of your favorite tools to create and organize content? 📷: @madcrayy #splice #videoediting #videoleap #editingapps #contentcreation

2 weeks ago

Did you know that Emma uses a Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless camera? And Maddy uses a Nikon D750? 📸 • In our latest podcast episode, we dive into our top 10 tools we use to create and organize content. We share what cameras we have, why we chose them, and what other apps and tools we use for our blogs and Instagrams. • What type of camera do you use? 🧐 📷: @samduggan0 @trophycupcakes #trophycupcakes #capitolhillseattle #seattlewashington #seattlewa #cupcakesfordays

2 weeks ago

What’s one TV show or movie you recommend watching right now? 📺 • Maddy recommend watching the Circle on @netflix . And Emma recommends watching the Good Place. You can watch the Good Place on both Netflix and @hulu ! • 📷: @madcrayy @emmasedition #netflixoriginal #netflixoriginalseries #netflixshows #bingewatching #hulushows

3 weeks ago

How do you find a PHOTOGRAPHER for your next photo shoot? 📸🧐 • 1. Use Instagram to find a LOCAL photographer for your city. For example, you can use #seattlephotographer or #LAphotographer . • 2. ASK for REFFERALS. If you’re just getting started with looking for a photographer, we recommend asking bloggers in your town or state if there’s any photographers they recommend. • 3. ASK a BLOGGER FRIEND 👯‍♀️. When Maddy and I travel together, we shoot each other’s outfits! • Finding a photographer is just one step in planning a photo shoot. In episode 5, we share our 6 steps on how to plan for a photo shoot. • Who takes your photos for your blog or social media channels? 📷: @emmasedition @madcrayy #paulsmith #paulsmithpinkwall #melroseavenue #westhollywood #californialiving #losangeleslife

3 weeks ago

What is an elevator speech and what should your elevator speech include? 🧐 • An elevator speech is a 30 second description of who you are and what you do. Your elevator speech should include: 1. Your name • 2. What you do • 3. Your mission statement or unique selling proposition (USP ) • An elevator speech is ONE THING you should prepare before your next networking event. ✅ Having your elevator speech ready makes introducing yourself to new people much easier. Have you made an elevator speech before? 📷: @emmasedition #santamonicabeach #santamonicapier #socalliving #socalstyle #losangelesworld #californiablogger

3 weeks ago

What’s ONE TIP we have for preparing for a networking event? • Set a purpose or intention BEFORE the event. You might set an intention to: • 🌈 Meet new people • 🌺 Get outside your comfort zone • ✏️ Or learn something new • In our latest podcast episode, we share how to NAVIGATE EVENTS as an introvert vs. extrovert! We also share some of our favorite moments from @createcultivate LA conference last month. • What are your tips for networking events? 📷: @madcrayy @emmasedition @notyourmothers #notyourmothers #nymIRL #createcultivateLA #createandcutltivate #creativewomen #networkingevent #losangelescalifornia #downtownLA

4 weeks ago

Surprised! 🎉 We started a FACEBOOK GROUP for the Content Creatives Podcast. We’re excited to welcome aspiring content creators and build this community. 👯‍♀️ • Search “Content Creatives Podcast” on Facebook and request to join the Facebook group today! We can’t wait to connect with you! 📷: @madcrayy #facebookgroup #podcastersofinstagram #podcastlife #podcastcommunity #creativecommunity #creativewomen #womencreate

4 weeks ago

What’s ONE TIP to help you get comfortable taking photos in public? 🧐 • If you feel UNCOMFORTABLE taking photos in front of people, we recommend shooting EARLY in the morning or at the very END of the day. You’ll avoid crowds in your shot and you’ll also get better lighting! • We’re sharing 5 more tips to help you get comfortable taking photos in public in our latest podcast episode! • Listen now on @itunes , @googlepodcast , @iHeartRadio , or wherever you listen to podcast. • What topic should we cover next on the Content Creatives Podcast? 📷: @emmasedition #melroseavenue #losangelesphotography #californiastyle #LAinfluencer #losangelesblogger #californiablogger

4 weeks ago

Are you a NIGHT OWL or a MORNING PERSON? 🧐 • Emma is the morning person and Maddy is the night owl. Let us know which one you identify with or if there’s a different time of day you feel most productive ⏰ 📷: @madcrayy #bloggerbestfriends #outfitideas #outfitblogger #lookinspo #outfitdiaries #whatimwearingtoday #santamonicabeach

4 weeks ago

Did you know that Emma wrote about CAREER topics for a year or so on her blog? • I (Emma ) wanted to differentiate myself from the rest of the fashion bloggers out there so I thought leaning into my corporate career would help set me a part. I don’t write about career topics anymore, but exploring and creating content about my career helped me FIND MY BRAND. • In episode 3, both me and Maddy share a little bit our trials, errors, and different things we tested for our blogs and Instagrams. Through the years, we’ve figured out and built our BRANDS. • What’s something that helped you find your brand? 📷: @madcrayy #melroseavenue #losangelesblogger #paulsmith #walltraveled #willtravelforpink #pinkaesthetic #podcastersofinstagram #podcastinglife

4 weeks ago

What are 4 things you should include in your Instagram your bio? 🧐 ✏️ • 1️⃣ Your NAME - this might sound obvious, but we still see content creators out there who DON’T have their name in their bio. • 2️⃣ Your LOCATION 📍 - some brands are looking for regional influencers. If you don’t include your city or state, you’ll miss out on campaigns! • 3️⃣ Your mission statement or what you share content about. • 4️⃣ Your EMAIL ADDRESS ✉️- when brands are looking at your Instagram profile on desktop, the “email” button isn’t available. We highly recommend including your email in your bio! • What other TIPS do you have around your Instagram bio? 📷: @madcrayy #instagramtips #socialmediamarketing #influencerstyle #scottsdalearizona #scottsdaleblogger #oldtownscottsdale

last month

Are you balancing creating content for your passion WITH a full time job? 🧐 • US TOO! Maddy works in sales/tech and Emma works in business operations/aerospace. • In Episode 3, we dive into a few tips on how we both BALANCE our full time jobs with creating content for our blogs and social media channels. • If you’re currently balancing a side hustle with a job or school, tell us what you do for work + what your side hustle is about 👋🏽 📷: @emmasedition @madcrayy #createcultivate #createcultivateLA #lovelulus #bloggerlifestyle #bloggingbabes #creativewomen

last month

How do PLAN for a PHOTO SHOOT? How do you find a photographer for your photo shoot? 🧐📷 • Today we dive into 6 steps of planning a photo shoot! We share how we capture and organize photo shoot ideas, outfits, and photo shoot locations. • What topic should we cover next on the podcast?! 📷: @emmasedition @madcrayy #phototips #photoshootideas #seattlephotography #seattlephotographer #seattleblog #contentcreator

last month

Happy birthday to the co-host of the Content Creatives Podcast: Emma! ☺️🎉🎁🎂 • If you haven’t met Emma yet, she shares who she is and how she got into blogging on Episode 1 of the Content Creatives Podcast! • What topic should Emma specifically cover on the podcast next?! 📷: @madcrayy #scottsdale #scottsdaleblogger #oldtownscottsdale #arizonastyle #arizonablogger #podcastersofinstagram

last month

The Content Creatives Podcast has OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED! 🎉🎉🎉 • Our first 4 EPISODES are LIVE: • Episode 1: Introducing Emma from @emmasedition • Episode 2: Introducing Maddy from @madcrayy • Episode 3: Finding Your Brand • Episode 4: How to Balance Your Full-Time Job and Create Content for Your Passions • If you’re connecting with me (Emma ) and Maddy for the first time and want to get to know how we both got into blogging/Instagram, check out the first two episodes. • If you’re ready to figure out your brand and you’re balancing a full-time job or school, check out the next two episodes! • We can’t wait for you tune in! 🎙🎙🎙 📷: @samduggan0 #podcastlaunch #newpodcast #contentcreativespodcast

last month

Only ONE MORE DAY until the official launch of the Content Creatives Podcast! 🎉🎉🎉We are so excited to help other content creatives discover, grow, and own their brand. • We’ll be sharing a new podcast every week. New episodes will be dropped on MONDAYS. 🎙 And we’re already available on iTunes podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. • Have you subscribed to the Content Creatives Podcast yet?! 📷: @samduggan0 #seattlewashington #seattlewa #seattleblog #seattlestyle #pnwblogger #pnwstyle

last month

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We’re wishing you lots of love, hugs, rose 🍷, and happiness today! 💖 • We’re also excited to share that we officially LAUNCH Monday Feb 16th. We’re so excited for you to tune in our first few episodes! 📷: @samduggan0 #valentinesdayoutfit #springstyles #springfashion #springtrends #lookswelove #datenightoutfit #momentsofchic #ootdinspo #valentinesdaylook

last month

Did you hear the news?! 🧐 We got approved to be on the @itunes #podcast store! 🎙 • You can now search “Content Creatives Podcast” and you’ll find us and our 3 minute TRAILER EPISODE. We’re talking about why we started the #ContentCreativesPodcast and who this podcast is for! • Are you ready to subscribe and listen?! 👂 📷: @samduggan0 #emmaxmaddy #maddyxemma #seattlebloggers #contentcreators #creativewomen #seattlewa

Jan 2020

Hi! I’m @madcrayy and I’m @emmasedition . And we’re so excited you’ve found us! ☺️As we’re gearing up to launch our podcast next month, we’d love to get to know WHO YOU ARE. • 1. 👋🏽 What’s your name? • 2. 📍What city or state are you located in? • 3. 🧐 What’s your Instgram/blog/YouTube/etc. about? 📷: @samduggan0 #galentinesday #galentine #willyoubemygalentine #bloggerbabes

Jan 2020

What’s the MISSION of the Content Creative Podcast? 🧐 • To EMPOWER creatives to discover, grow, and own their BRAND! • Our goal is to help aspiring content creators figure out their brand and how to build it! • What’s your mission and vision for your blog or instagram? 📷: @samduggan0 #wseattle #whotels #brunching #brunchinbed #breakfastinbed

Jan 2020

Hi! I’m Emma and I’m Maddy. 👯‍♀️ We’re both Seattle content creators/bloggers and we’re teaming up to LAUNCH the Content Creatives Podcast. 🙌🏽 • We’re going to be covering everything from batching content, to planning photo shoots, to the business side of blogging. • We LOVE creating content and we’re excited to share the lessons we’ve learned building our own Instagrams and blogs with you! • What’s ONE content creation topic do you want us to cover on the podcast? 📷: @samduggan0 #seattlebloggers #podcastersofinstagram #podcasting #contentcreation #contentcreatives #createeveryday #femalecreatives