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4 weeks ago

Life is all about experiences & who we get to share those with! Waikiki Beach 2020!

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Don’t chase money, chase experiences! Life is a journey that is ultimately made up of the experiences we have. Don’t settle for experiences that leave you unfulfilled and unhappy. Put yourselves in situations that inspire you, that are aligned with the life you believe you deserve! It’s so easy to look at what you’ve done in the past and let that determine your future, but here’s the thing: the future hasn’t been written yet!! Don’t like where you are today? Develop the habits, the skill set, the mindset— whatever it is that you need in order to move your life in the direction you want to go. Each day is an opportunity to start fresh, so make today day 1 & go after the life you want. Hopefully, that means I’ll see some of you in Costa Rica! Comment below if you’re going to qualify for the trip of a lifetime!

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Often times, we feel like our imperfect circumstances are working against us. When really, they could be working for us. We immediately assume that circumstances or challenges we face, because they are not what we may want or had planned for, are a bad thing. Why does adversity have to provoke negative feelings or create a large pity-party? We call situations we don't like or that we are ill prepared for "Adversity". If we change our perspective on "adversity," we change our outcome. What we deem "adversity" is unfamiliar & unexpected territory. We have a natural, God given instinct to learn, adjust & accomplish.... if its important enough to us!! A response to everything has a effect! Cause and effect. How we respond to circumstances, decisions we make, who we choose to influence us, has rewards or consequences which show up in our lives. When perceived "adversity" hits, what if we embrace instead of resist; shift behavior instead of blame; take control & action on solution instead of feeling as if we are a victim; and have gratitude for the chance to overcome and for what lies ahead rather than feel angery, resentment, apathy, & discouragement. For we all know, this moment right now might be EXACTLY what is supposed to happen on our journey! This was the message I received this morning while reading my scripture and affirmation, I hope it helps you too : ) Do you think gratitude and resentment have different effects in our life?

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What associations are you grateful for?

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One of the things we should take from the tragic & premature death of Kobe is how we should live our own lives. His legacy is a reflection of the way he lived his life: a person of faith and character will become a good steward of their success & their money. He transformed from a young boy to a man who impacted the world. We should honor him and many others who have achieved greatness by living our life to the fullest and pursuing all of our goals & dreams. The journey towards greatness shapes us into becoming the best version of ourselves.  Thank God Kobe didn’t listen to the naysayers who criticized him and who scorned him for mistakes made. He kept fighting to become a better man. The paths that others have decided to travel, paths that have greater visibility — they appear lower risk, but don’t be fooled. They might be the path discussed in most conversations and accepted by friends & family; however, that doesn’t mean they aren’t without adversity & pain. Don't fall for it! Life is never easy; we either endure the pain of discomfort and failure on the road to success now, or we endure the pain of mediocrity & regret later. People who are willing to take the road less traveled are the ones who change the world & quietly inspire friends & family.

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It’s a privilege and honor to be a part of this team; men and women who desire to have more in life & who want to become significant. Our journey towards success has been filled with blessings and struggles; successes we have celebrated & challenges we have overcome. Our strength is in each other and in our commitment to becoming the best versions of ourselves. Don’t underestimate the power of a group of people who share a common goal and who are unified. As of this moment, we are better for all of it. We have matured individually, and as a team, and now we are poised for greatness. Because of you guys, the up-and-coming leaders of this company, we are headed into 2020 and beyond with enthusiasm and clarity unlike ever before. It’s time to take the world by storm! What’s your goal for 2020 and how are you changing your habits to achieve them?? Share in the comments below!