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✨I Solemnly Swear that I am Up to No Good✨ 📍 Gijón, Asturias 🇪🇸 (In town for Erasmus )

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3 weeks ago

Oh my Amazing mama 🥰❤️ I just want to thank you for all that you do for us, for all the places you and Daddy have taken us. For all the love, care, attention, sleepless nights, hugs, kisses, encouragement, dreams, experiences, the example you set and the powerful woman you are. You are One in a million, God’s masterpiece, a force to be reckoned with and an Angel on this Earth. I love you so so so soooo so much, to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, to the second star to the right and straight on till morning ✨💗❤️ I just wish I could be with you today, but we have so many memories together that most mothers and daughters don’t build in a lifetime. Thank you for everything, enjoy your special day 🥰 Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman on this planet ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dec 2019

22, Here I Come!! 😁🤟🏻🎉 #22 #Misfit #DecemberBaby #JagerForever

Nov 2019

17th November 1989. Even if we weren’t here to live it, we will never forget. Děkujeme, že můžeme ✌🏻❤️🇨🇿🦁 #30letsvobody #Demokracie #MameHoleRuce #Svoboda #NechcemeNasili #30YearsOfFreedom

Nov 2019

Sooo, eyleashes 🤗 A friend of mine recently opened a salon with her bf in Wenceslas Square and asked whether I wanted to try LASH LIFTING. I gave it a go, because the procedure only consists of lifting and dying your lashes, simply making them more visible. I never wanted fake lashes (those wko know me know they wouldn’t last a week on me 😅 ) But I am so happy with this!! It was my second time and they last for almost 2 months. So if anybody wants to give it a go (or wants to try one of many other procedures my friend does ) I highly recommend her. She is professional, organised, and mainly, opened a salon in the very center of Prague at 24 years old, that itself says something 😉 So go check her out and give her some love 🤗❤️ @beauty_by_terrie_prague #lashlifting #PragueSalon #Beauty

Nov 2019

Moje milá největší sestřičko ☺️ Děkuju, že jsi celej život byla moje náhradní maminka, když ta naše zrovna pracovala na tom, aby jsme měly ten život, jakej dneska můžem mít 💕 Za všechny šimrání na zádech, za všchny mazlení, za to že jsi dokázala i hru na školu vymyslet tak, že jsem tě prosila o příklady a diktáty 😜❤️ Nikdy nezapomenu na všechny hry co jsi si se mnou hrála, na všechny situace kdy jsi zařídila, abych tě poslechla, i když jsem nechtěla 😅😊💕 Obdivuju tvojí citlivost, pečlivost, porozumnění, umění urovnat každou situaci (kterou většinou rozbouřim já 😅 ) zodpovědnost a získat si úplně kohokoli 😊💕 Přeju ti do života jednoduše jenom to nejlepší, o nic míň si nezasloužíš ❤️ love you most ❤️💋

Aug 2019

Tour de Sněžka ⛰❤️ Alone on the way up and down with the fam ❤️ A must at least once in a lifetime ✨ #Snezka #Krkonose #PecPodSnezkou #Summertrip #Hiking #Misty

Jul 2019

Magical Venice✨❤️🇮🇹

Feb 2019

MAJOR #TBT to my 15yr old self, one of my first shoots ever and definitely one of my favourite ones till this day. 📸 @pavelinosc2019 thank you❤️ #Tb #2013 #Harfa #Baw #model #babyface #memories #longtimeago 😄

Jan 2019

Increible, amazing, breathtaking Bangkok Thailand ❤️ Oh Asia, I’ve missed you ❤️🌏 #FeelsLikeHome #Bangkok #Thailand #Greatful #RoyalPalace #AsianSoul

Jan 2019

Singapore’s National Orchid Garden... I can’t think of anything more beuatiful ☺️🙏🏻🌺🌸 #Singapore #NationalOrchidGarden #Orchids #Breathtaking #DreamComeTrue

Dec 2018

Thank you so much Mommy for such an incredibly beautifuly amazingly perfect Christmas ❤️❤️❤️ The older I get the less I understand how you manage it all... You truly are a Wonder Woman, and my Hero, forever ❤️ LOVE YOU ❤️🎄 #SuperMom #MyHero #LoveYouMommy #PerfectChrustmas #TrueFantasy

Dec 2018

My dearest Mommy... Thank you SO much for giving birth to me, 21 years ago, in just a couple minutes... I know it was hard, and even harder to raise me. I was never an easy one, I know you’ve cried for or because of me many times, and yet you always did your best ti give the best, to me and all my sisters, and none of us ever felt left behind. All I want for my birthday today is to spend the rest of my life making you happy and proud of who you’ve brought to this world and raised. Because, sleflessly speaking, you have done an amazing job. Now it’s up to me how I use what I’ve been given to do good. You are the single MOST IMPORTANT PERSON TO ME, and that will NEVER CHANGE. I love you beyond imagination, to the moon and back, to the second star to the right and straight on till morning, forever and always. Thank you, for always being, simply THE BEST!!! 🧚🏻‍♀️🦋💕🌸💞 @ghassmannova

Aug 2018

Rose Gold 💋 All day every day✨ #RoseGold #Artistry #LastDaysOfSummer

Jul 2018

Venezia ☺️❤️ Grazie 💚❤️🇮🇹 #Venezia #Venice #Italia #Grazie #MostRomanticCity #Gondola #PonteDiRialto

Jul 2018

Thanks for a great night at the happiest place in Italy Ladies ❤️☺️😜🌚🎉 #LunaPark #Bibione2018 #LadiesNight #Italia #Sisters #Family #LoveYou

Jul 2018

One more from last night 😊🌺 #emeralddinner #portugal2k18 #Porto #Gaia #Summertime #HappyTime

Jul 2018

Behind every successful woman is a TRIBE of other successful women who HAVE HER BACK. Love you my most amazing, powerful, incredible, strong, empowering, beautiful women ❤️❤️❤️ #Women #GirlsRunTheWorld #Tribe #Powerful #LoveYou #SoMuchBeautyInOnePicture

Dec 2017

Red Light 🔴♥️ #NoFilter #EarlyMorningDrive #Prague #citygirl4life

Oct 2017

Melbourne 😍❤️ #Melbourne #Australia #DreamCity #Grateful

Sep 2017


Aug 2017

#Artistry 💋❤️💎

Jul 2017

My loves, my world, my everything... 👣💕☺️ #Sisters #Love #BibioneBeach #Bibione2017

Jul 2017

When your mom is your constant motivation, role model, advisor, consultant with the knowledge of an entire library, therapist, example of a true Lady, shoulder to cry on and a guide when times are rough, the only light in a sea of darkness. Mommy, I can never repay you or even thank you enough for what you do for us evry single day and we don't even see it, for your endless kindness and unconditional love. I Admire you, I Thank you and I Love you, to the moon and back and further on to the second star on the right and straight on till morning 💕✨🌸🌺 #Grateful #Blessed #MyMomMyMotivation #Mommy #ILoveYou #foreverandalways