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One of a kind. “And this is the marvel of marvels; that HE called me Beloved.” @harlesphotography_ @harleygirlscloset

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2 days ago

Backyard salad party🌵🖤☀️

2 weeks ago

Had to come out of hidin’ #socialdistancing #therightway

3 weeks ago

Remember to: BE KIND to one another⭐️

3 weeks ago

No idea what I’d do without this one- glad we’ll never know🧡

4 weeks ago

Are you freakin kitten me

5 weeks ago

The kid was discharged today!!! UMMC treated him so well. I’m so thankful for this path that we’re on as a family. I know that God HAS done and is going to do amazing things through you and through your story. To all the sweet people who have contacted us and helped us in anyway, it means the world. He’s hungry for recovery, so let’s get it!!🍽

last month

Just can’t help but love em🥰 #mineandme

Jan 2020

To the sweetest, most hard working, dedicated person I’m lucky enough to call mine.. • • • H A P P Y BI R T H D A Y!! I’m so excited to see what The Lord has in store for us this year and all the many years to come! Here’s to 23, baby!!🥂

Jan 2020

@kelby_zendejas knows me so well. Hence why she is my person and will forever be #sentimentallady

Jan 2020

My parents are parents & EJ is on her way into this world!!! P E R F E C T day💗

Jan 2020

Jan 2020

2🌟2🌟!!! That’s all I got

Nov 2019

Someone who deserves all the thanks in the world. He’s the sweetest and I’m thankful🖤

Nov 2019

I don’t deserve them, but I sure am thankful for them. Thank you Lord for all the blessings & love you so willingly give us.... annnnnd #happythanksgivng #bigboys

Nov 2019

some pics my good ole friend @abbuhleeveicanfly took

Nov 2019

Today I’m missing sunset naps on the beach, waking up, seeing this face, and falling back asleep feeling OH so content.. #saturdazing #gushy #sorry #kinda

Nov 2019

This weather + this man + capturing beautiful people experience a beautiful thing ( @harlesphotography_ ) = a happy, grateful Harle🍁🍂 Swipe to see how taking pics/w Luke really goes..

Oct 2019

my new favorite🖤

Oct 2019

The BEST time. The BEST people. The BEST city. Did it big and took it eazy in the big eazy, baby. I feel so loved🖤 #20 #smithsheretoo

Oct 2019

She’s never been to Nola. Interesting🧐

Oct 2019

Sweet friends of mine welcoming me into this thing called the 20’s?!?! So here’s to it!!⚡️⚡️

Oct 2019

My boy, my boy!!! 4EVER your biggest fan, H🖤🖤

Sep 2019

Forever my FAVORITE face. You’re oh SO fun, @luke_west3 ❤️

Sep 2019

My baby brother is 19 with me!!! I cherish the short amount of time we both get to be the same age. So many memories, so many laughs. You are hands down the weirdest person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and sharing about 50% DNA with. I love you🌟🌈💛