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saturday night with the boys


seducing the prison guards so joe exotic can escape

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:’ )

5 days ago

you either die a hero or live long enough to become the girl who posts too many pictures of her baby on Instagram

6 days ago

happy birthday darling @catkiene_ 💚 one of my fav photos of us

1 weeks ago

I love being a mom ❤️ nothing has ever felt more natural and easy than caring for him.

2 weeks ago

March 27th. Today is my baby’s due date. I’ve thought about this day for so long. I’ve dreamed of this day for so long. When I found out when my due date was, I couldn’t have known what was coming. And part of me wishes I could warn her. If I could give “past me” a heads up, here’s what I would say. “Hi. It’s you from the future. It’s March 27th! I sit here, writing this to you with the sweetest, chillest, cutest two month old you’ve ever seen laying in my lap. Yep. Two month old. You went into preterm labor due to a tear in your amniotic sac and had him 10 weeks early. He’s okay though. Healthy as can be. He’ll be there at the hospital for about 5 weeks just until he learns how to eat and then you’ll get to bring him home. He doesn’t cry, he loves to cuddle, he calms down whenever Celine Dion is being played, he loves to be clean and he loves sleeping in your bed. Jackson is an even better dad than you could ever imagine, and you won’t be as sad anymore. Oh yeah, we are also in the middle of an already-bad-but-not-even-the-worst-yet pandemic, and have been self isolating at home for the past two weeks. I know you really wanted to have your baby today but think about being a 9 month pregnant woman due any day with severe asthma and newly diagnosed diabetes during a pandemic that is especially harmful to people with severe asthma and newly diagnosed diabetes. You know? Also Peter chooses Hannah but then realizes he’s still in love with Madi and Barb freaks out making it really uncomfortable for everyone. Anyways good luck!” Full blog post in bio 💚

2 weeks ago

hey all you cool cats & kittens!

2 weeks ago

here’s my casual Instagram post of the moment. when I found out I was pregnant... my biggest fear wasn’t telling my parents. it wasn’t giving birth. it wasn’t losing my snatched waist. It was moving in with someone. I knew if we were going to raise a baby together, we were going to have to move in together. And even though we loved eachother and have been dreaming of moving in together since 2013... I got scared. Scared it was already time. I was too grown up, too many life changes were happening at once, and my little independent soul was panicking. I truly imagined myself living alone. forever. Even into marriage. I figured whoever I’d marry had to be okay with separate houses. I need my alone time, okay!! it was a genuine fear of mine. Combining lives with someone. A living space. My safe place. But Jack is the best roommate I could have ever asked for. There was no adjustment for us. At all. No compromises. No lifestyle changes. We just chill. We hang. We’re best friends. We make forts in our bedroom. And now we have another little roommate who will cry all night until we put him in bed with us 🙄😹 he just wants to hang too. I love my little gang. Also really sad for the people stuck in quarantine without someone to make out with

2 weeks ago

hope everyone had a beautiful Sunday 💚 we finally got out of the house and it felt amazing. I got pretty sick in October and didn’t leave my house for months while I was pregnant. Then we had our baby so early that for six weeks, we only left the house to go to the hospital. Finally the dust settles, we get baby home annnnnd then we get hit with a pandemic 🙃 so leaving the house is never taken for granted these days lol. I do feel so grateful though that we were even able to go out to a park and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. So many people don’t have that luxury and my heart is with them. I hope everyone is doing and feeling okay with all this craziness. Genuinely. Reach out if you need some online love 🥰 here’s to another week of staying home and flattening the curve 💚

2 weeks ago

really convenient that we’re all getting put on lockdown right as my tik tok career took off. sounds silly but it would have been so overwhelming having fans stopping me everywhere, lining up outside ect. it’s the little things ☺️❤️

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

I, much like the earthquake that hit my hometown this morning, would also be categorized as a 5.7

3 weeks ago

good morning from me & tiny

3 weeks ago

remember when Instagram was fun in like 2013??? when you just posted whatever you wanted ?? like - whatever you and your friends were doing? I miss it. I crave it. I’m so bored of overly edited, posed, planned out & curated. I’m gonna start doing it again. This is what I’m doing riiiight this second. We woke up at 12 today and cuddled baby for two hours (we still call him “baby” ) then I played Mario Kart while Jackson made us breakfast. (Yes, at 2pm ) after that, I took a reeeallly long bath and played with the new skin products I bought because I’m so into skincare right now. Now, here I am, cuddling baby again. He laughed for the first time today while laying on me and it made me cry. Right after that I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I looked so happy so I asked jack to take a picture. And now you’re up to speed 💚🥳 What are you doing right now?

4 weeks ago

get in loser, we’re going panic-shopping

4 weeks ago

welcome back to me sobbing

4 weeks ago

bad mamacita, miami heater

4 weeks ago

we do be vibing though

5 weeks ago

One day it’s Friday at 2pm and you’re arguing with your friends over who’s mom is going to take everyone to the mall after school and then one day it’s Friday at 2pm and you haven’t changed your clothes in 3 days and you have a sleepy, stuffy nosed newborn baby on your chest & you ask your boyfriend if you should get a babysitter so you can both go on a date night to Trader Joe’s I swear I blinked

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CEO of being a baby

last month

the future has never looked so good. go get the new @lonelyghost .co sweats link in bio 💚 vid by my girl @lexxhy

last month

one year of lonely ghost 💚 & we just getting started 🥳

last month

it’s almost the future