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Una barbie pero no busca un Ken

2 days ago

Im in Chicago ♥️💃🏻 #chitown

3 days ago

♥️ 🌹

4 days ago

Happy Valentine’s Day 🌹 Feliz día de San Valentín 🥰

5 days ago

Hey everyone! So since tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day I decided to put together a video showing how my Valentine’s Day has went every year including some random times I got flowers for no reason lol. As you watch the video it goes back a year down to when I was 14 in the last clip! 2017 and 2018 I spent Valentine’s Day at the hospital crying as I watched all the love movies they put on the TV infront of me. It’s so depressing being at the hospital especially on that day! Never want to go through that again. But anyways, l’m Single I’m not taken! These are just memories from Valentine’s Day and they mean nothing to me now but at the moment they were special. ❣️btw I used this specific song because I relate to it so much. #lamejorversiondemi

2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago

#1 rule of Dating: Love yourself before you love others. Find that person who’ll be on the same page. Download the Clover app … link in bio

2 weeks ago

Look how much you’ve grown little bro 😍 you’re so grown up now! @johnny__ojeda the pics in blue were a few days ago and the rest are all old as you can tell, fun fact: Johnny and I have been so attached to each other since he was born.. we would play together and spend so much time together that there was a time when he would call me mom by accident 😅 I honestly can’t wait to take him on so many trips. He’s my world 🌎 #hermano #siblings

2 weeks ago

#outfit @prettylittlething Best ways to make a girl loose interest in you.. 1. Take forever to txt back.... 2. Don’t check up on her or call her..... 3. Compare her to another girl or make her feel like she’s in competition with other girls.... 4. Show her signs of toxicness, jealousy, and insecurity..... No one wants an insecure or jealous or toxic man 🙅🏻‍♀️ and this works vice versa as well.

2 weeks ago

#outfit @prettylittlething They say everyone you meet in life is either a blessing or a lesson sent from God. And I’m just here like thank you God for blessing me with so many lessons and making me so strong but can I please have a break I think I’ve suffered enough. It’s someone else’s turn to suffer and be strong........and he listened to me. I couldn’t be happier 🙏🏻🙌🏻

3 weeks ago

All white is my favorite color to wear ♥️ @prettylittlething

3 weeks ago

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? @prettylittlething #princessvibes #noprincehere

3 weeks ago

My Arizona blood did not like this photo shoot at all! But I’m sure you guys will appreciate it lol. Utah was so much fun! I hardly travel within the US I’m always traveling to other countries so this was new ♥️

3 weeks ago

Top @prettylittlething People can hurt you but NO ONE can dim the light that shines within you. I was blessed to be able to spot fake people within miles away which is why I’m always alone. My circle isn’t even a circle it’s a triangle that consists of only family 🙏🏻

3 weeks ago

La banda dijo “hoy por ser tus quince años” jajaja 😆 thanks to @heavenlydesigns_eventrentals for decorating my party! I loved it 💕 Every year I post a video of my birthday party and how I celebrated at home with my close friends and family and this year I celebrated so much that I forgot to post! Maybe for one of my birthdays I’ll have a huge public party where all my fans are invited. I’m just kind of scared to do that tbh 😅

3 weeks ago

Top @prettylittlething This is me after all the heavy photo shoot makeup comes off. And in the last photo is my mother who NEVER wears makeup because she doesn’t need to she’s so beautiful inside and out ♥️ she’s a strong hard working woman and the most loving and supporting mom ever. She tailors my pants from my waist so that they fit me perfect and she takes my photos all the time! When ever I travel I’m always txting her, we never loose communication and when she was young she had a smaller waist and wider hips than me and she’s from a small town in Sinaloa Mexico so all the girls envied her.. she knows my pain and what I’ve been through and she’s my number one fan. She also has never drank alcohol in her life (same with my dad ) and they both never go out they’re always home and they always show each other their love.. I admire both of my parents with a passion.. I tried to put on her wedding dress the other day and it didn’t fit me because her waist was way too tiny and that dress was made just for her 😅 she has 3 kids now, me being the oldest so her body has changed and she has never done any beauty treatments at all what so ever. She won’t even go to the spa with me because she doesn’t want anyone touching her lol that’s what she always says 😂 you know how Mexican moms are. Anyways I wrote too much already and most of you probably stopped reading a long time ago but I just wanted to share the relationship I have with my mom and the love I have for her.

4 weeks ago

Top: @prettylittlething I just reached 11 million followers and I wanted to express my gratitude to all of you! I’m very grateful for having so much men and women from around the world following me. It makes me happy that so much millennials look up to me and get inspired by me as well! The best feeling I get is when I’m able to make someone’s day by answering their dm and giving them advice or helping them which I make it a commitment to do every single day! And so many of you also make my day and bring joy on my cloudy days. Part of being an influencer/model gives me the power to reach so many people on my platform and I promise that this year many great things will come! I know I’ve had so many of you just waiting to see what my next move will be and I promise that pretty soon you’ll be surprised by what I have in store for you all 🙏🏻

4 weeks ago

My last day in New York ☹️ it’s been so much fun though! I’ve celebrated my birthday the whole month almost lol.

5 weeks ago

Instagram VS reality... btw it I don’t even drink coffee or eat cake that was my friends food. It’s like that sometimes, everything you see on Instagram is never how a persons life really is. Everyone only posts perfect pictures and perfect lifestyles. No one ever posts the dark and stuff sad. So many people are depressed because of social media! Why? because they see perfect faces, perfect bodies, perfect trips etc. When in reality not everything you see is real! I’ve had guys who look like billionaires on IG dm me asking for money. 🤯 I’ve met people who edit their photos so much that look like a whole other person in real life there’s other people who have got covered in debt by buying things they can’t afford just to flex on the gram. Or pose by other people’s luxury cars and yachts and act like it’s there’s. So my message is be yourself always and love yourself and your life and don’t believe everything you see on social media. #mentalhealth

5 weeks ago

I look better in person 😚

last month

I don’t care about your past I only care about the present and what you have to offer. That will determine what we’ll be in the future.

last month

I’m a dog mom 😂 I talk to my dogs like they’re my kids. I got my black Pom from @pomeraniamania outfit from @divamodafashioncouture

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No one is you and that is your power ♥️ @prettylittlething

last month

BIRTHDAY GIRL 🎂 🍰 BIG 22! #capricorn #cumpleañera