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Happy Memorial Day everyone! This year I’m partnering with @USAA to raise awareness for the true meaning of this holiday – honoring the service and sacrifice of fallen military members and their loved ones all across the country. This is a holiday very close to my heart because I come from a military family - my dad served in the Air Force for years so I understand the gravity of the sacrifice that service members have to be prepared to make at any time while fighting for our country. Join me in paying tribute to them and their families by posting with #HonorThroughAction today. #USAAPartner


Pit stop on our road trip... chick-fila on a beach towel on a side walk outside of a random Hampton inn😂 #thatshowthedeckersroll

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My handy man

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My baby girl is a fashionista! Let me tell ya, she shows such early passion for fashion and design. She’s constantly giving me her opinions and thoughts on pieces pulling out magazines with different styles that she loves and tells me mommy you should do something like this for KITTENISH. Bless her heart she wants me to make a children’s line so badly. We are working on it! But I would not be surprised if one day she wanted to work in fashion! When we did this shoot and all on her own she grabbed these pants from the rack for this drop and put the pants and @kittenish hat herself. Got all ready in the chair for her picture to be taken!!

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When we asked him why, his response was ... I put “sun-sceen” 😅😂

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So sleepy! Forrest kept us up all night. I think he has more teeth coming in. He’s usually SO easy but crabby and drooling last couple days. Anyways ...It’s Sunday and I just wanna stay in bed eat pop corn and watch Netflix now... we are on season 5 of Outlander and very sad it’s the last season because we are obsessed! Any other show recommendations @ericdecker and I need to know about?

2 weeks ago

1 year ago today in NYC! I headlined my tour and sold out the the legendary Beacon theater! I cried right before i went on stage because I couldn’t believe i sold it out and thousands of you had gotten tickets to see me. I have the best fans ever. I love y’all!!! This show was also the reason I got a new record deal with Atlantic/ @warnermusicnashville !!! This is just the beginning y’all! Can’t wait to tour again and put out the amazing music I’ve been working on!! ❤️❤️❤️

3 weeks ago

I never knew what unconditional love was until I became a mommy. It’s something you can’t describe until it happens. The day I had my first baby, my life changed forever. I knew my purpose in this world and it was to be a mommy to my 3 babies. I love being a mother more than anything. I wake up thinking about my babies and I go to sleep thinking about them. Thank you for making me a mommy @ericdecker 🥰 Being a mommy is the most beautiful blessing and I wouldn’t be the mother I am if it wasn’t for my incredible mother @mamakarenparker showing me the way. Her selflessness, love and warmth , thoughtfulness and “giving it her all” showed me the mother I wanted to be. Love you so much mommy. 💖💖💖Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! 💖💖💖

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Ok y’all. I’m doneeeeeeee ....It's time to get back on the wagon, people! I've been eating too much during quarantine and it's gotten to the point where I just don't feel good anymore😩. I said I needed a goal and today is the day (after cinco of course ) and I'm starting back on my @southbeachdiet program and encourage yall to join me if you're feeling the same way! (Also is you swipe to the right I pulled out some of my favorite go to snacks if you want to try and get the same ones, photographed ) (I’m eating the cheese puff ones in the photo and they are bomb ) also So many of y’all email me about my code so I’m gonna hook you up!! Right now you can use my link to get 45% off your first South Beach order:https://southbeachdiet.com/jessie45 #southbeachdiet #southbeachdietambassador #inthistogether #backontrack

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Look at my little mini @kittenish baby girl 💖 New @kittenish pieces have dropped ! Head to site now mamas 🥰🥰🥰 📸 @ericdecker (used my kittenish preset “warm me up” for these shots.

4 weeks ago

Viv makes me put our old show on once and awhile. She smiles so big! She thinks her parents are funny apparently lol

4 weeks ago

You will need: Bottle of sparking rose Tequila ( your decide how much ) Limes Half cup Orange juice Salt for rim Ice Simple syrup

4 weeks ago

Happy birthday to my beautiful key lime pie makin mama @mamakarenparker ✨ The woman who does it all and all shares it all. There’s a line from Yaya sisterhood that I always relate to “ I owe my all creativity to her”. I idolized my mother growing up and genuinely thought she was a movie star with her presence walking into a room and I still do. I wanted to be just like her as a mother, as a friend, a wife and now I want to be like her when I’m a grandmother too. She is the most selfless mother and grandmother and would do anything for her children and grandbabies and I’m so lucky to have been raised by a woman like this and I only hope I can do the same for my children and grandchildren one day! Funny sassy silly and tells it like it is and genuinely cares so much about people. She’s the kind of person that will talk to an Uber driver and get their entire life story and give them her best advice in the middle of it. Anyone that is lucky enough to meet my mother knows how special she is. Happy birthday mommy so glad we can celebrate the day you came into the world. Thanks for loving us so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Okay y’all, I’m really excited to share with you that I’ve partnered with Olay Body for the brand’s largest launch ever! Heightened daily stress coupled with this constantly changing spring weather has me complaining about my dry and tired-looking skin a lot lately, but Olay has definitely upgraded my shower routine to include Olay Skincare-Inspired Body Wash with Vitamin B3 Complex and Collagen and Olay Rinse-Off Body Conditioner. I love their Collagen body wash as this special ingredient helps make your skin firmer and more youthful-looking. Plus when you follow it up with the Rinse-Off Body Conditioner with Shea Butter it’s the perfect two-step process to treat your skin from home! I can already see how much healthier my skin looks and feels thanks to Olay’s special Vitamin B3 complex. If you want to upgrade your shower routine as well, it’s #AvailableAtTarget #ad #olaypartner

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And the award for the couple with the most unattractive feet goes to..... #bunionsarezexy #wheresyotoenailsbae ?

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I signed another 100 “just Jessie” books for the kittenish Mother’s Day gift set we launched tonight and Vivi INSISTED on signing a couple too 😂😂😂 whomever gets the two books that she signed PLEASE tag me so I know 😂😂😂 (sold out now )

4 weeks ago

My @kittenish PreSets are here! Here are a bunch before and after a to check out. I am so excited to share with you guys all of the fabulous bronzed up presets I have been using on my photos and on the @kittenish gram for the last six months. I had so many requests from you guys asking me what I used on my pix that I decided to put them together for you!!! Link in bio to snag EIGHT amazing presets for only $37 (5 with 3 extra modifications : ) And on top of that I’m giving you a 20% off discount using code:KITTENISH enjoy 🥰

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This sums up our relationship... Sydney is the funniest person. I don’t think a lot of you really understand how funny she is. She is sarcastic and a total character. She makes fun of me in the funniest way every time😂😂😂She has me rolling and laughing so hard bringing tears to my eyes every time I’m around her.

4 weeks ago

Happy birthday to my amazing incredible, beautiful, kind, ride or die sister @sydneyraebass . I love this girl more than words can ever express. The day she was born and I first laid eyes on her in the hospital, she physically took my breath away. I remember it like it was yesterday! Going through life with you just makes everything better. I’m so glad you were born Syd 💖 I love going through life together with you and sharing every single moment. It’s special having someone I know I can trust 100% and always has my back and you know I always got yours. I fight someone for you (and have 😂😂😂 ) Happy birthday Nene✨✨✨

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Looking forward to the days I don’t have to keep my distance from the people I love 💖

5 weeks ago

We are proudly partnering with a number of hospitals to donate new and comfortable clothing to their amazing nurses & healthcare professionals! Team up with us to send frontline responders a little hope, a big smile and the chance to hop into a cleanset of clothes before heading home from a long shift. We’ve already donated tons of comfy clothes to nurses and it just warmed our hearts up so much we wanted to do more! This is a great way for our KITTENISH team and our loyal customers to partner with us and come together to get back! Here’s how it works! Buy one, GIVE one... When you buy an item(s ) from our KITTENISH GIVES BACK COLLECTION — we will match your purchase by giving a free item to a front-line healthcare worker! So anytime you purchase an item from the KITTENISH gives back collection, healthcare worker will receive FREE clothes! Let’s do this!

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Today at noon we are dropping our active wear line! Let’s get physical! In honor of our active wear drop let’s do a little work out shall we? 💪Start with 75 jumping jacks, 100 lunges, 50 push ups, run in place as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Hit the ground for 20 more push ups and finish it off with 100 crunches 💪 #kittenishfit