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3 days ago

♥️ thank you for your patience layla - only took 1001 takes #stayhome

5 days ago

Our MODERN MUZE MASTERY is live ⚡️this #masterclass features Lori Barron, Chief Alchemist of #cbd #skincare line @priyaapotheca - teaching us about vibration & frequency - catch it all @modernmuze and join in the social campaign #mymuze ⚡️

6 days ago

I know we are all missing our friends and family right now 🖤 can’t wait for hugs!! Xo #friends #family #socialdistancing #hugs #love

2 weeks ago

2 weeks in & I’m finally catching on (kinda ) #tiktok

2 weeks ago

10 AT HOME RITUALS TO CALM YOUR MIND | read how to do each ritual on MyRituelle.com ⚡️ I wrote this today because I think we are all figuring out to go from stress to calm - so we can come out of these strong!! Love to you!! And..my first #TikTok 💥 _ #ritual #mind #mindset #calm #learning #stressrelief #tiktok #ritual #destress #calm #mind #mindset

2 weeks ago

Hang in the ~ always be ready for unexpected miracles 🌟 #miracle #healingcoach #love

2 weeks ago

I think we all could use some healing now, right? I’m gifting a distance reiki healing session every night at 5pm PST. Sessions are 25 min, in the comfort of your own home and are deeply relaxing, heart opening, and healing. If you are new to it, Reiki works much like the power of prayer, energy knows no distance, and you will be guided into deep relaxation and filled with healing light and love. To be added to the list of recipients, DM me your email, or send me a message julie @myrituelle .com Love to you! #reiki #healing #ritual #rest #relaxation #connection #love

2 weeks ago

Till the wheels fall off!! Happy birthday @zulay_henao 🌟 I love our adventures and so many more to come!!! Love you!!! #rideordie

3 weeks ago

Future, coming soon 🌍 @robwoodcoxphoto thank you for your art 🤍

3 weeks ago

If you’re in the meditating mood ♥️ 🙏🏼 #meditate #heal #connect #rootchakra #love

3 weeks ago

I am giving away 5 Virtual Reiki Healing Sessions (to start )...more to come!! To be considered, tag someone or comment below - recipients chosen at random tomorrow morning. To learn more about Reiki and distance healing, or to book a session, click the link in bio. #reiki #healing #giveaway #love #heal Photo by @luminosity_crystals

3 weeks ago

Join us virtually ~ tonight! 🍷 @modernmuze @zulay_henao RSVP julie @modernmuze .com #virtual #connect #uplifteachother

4 weeks ago

In other news, yesterday was pi day (and my daughters favorite day at school ) she doesn’t get this from me #proudmama #piday

4 weeks ago

This post made me cry. The past few days have felt so isolating, this reminds me that we are all in this together 🖤 thank you @shaunking @stillwerise #love

4 weeks ago

Maybe now is the best time to just slow down, dream, love 🖤

5 weeks ago

Mindset DISRUPT ⚡️ happening now. SF ✈️ #roots #friends

last month

MAMA’S ⚡️ you work so hard & create magic (and don’t always get a “thank you” at the end of the day ). I am creating a free live online meditation for mama’s weekly, on Wednesday’s at 10am PST in a private online group. Recorded if you can’t make it! My way of saying thank you ♥️ email me julie @myrituelle .com to join. #meditatingmamas #meditate #momlife

last month

JUST 1 THING is all you have to do every day, to fulfill your dreams, your purpose, your goals⚡️What are you going to start with? - This piece of knowledge completely changed how I go about my days, I always start with my one and when that is finished, I let the rest fall into place as it needs too. No more thoughts racing, no more scramble, no more thinking it’s not “enough”. _ @drerin .tv @soulciete 🌟 thank you!! #justone

last month

For those of you who’d like to join me, I’ll be doing 15 minute calming meditation Monday morning 9:30am PST on Instagram LIVE My intention is to bring us together and to start the week off from a calm, centered, connected place. See you there ✌🏼 #meditation

last month

Know who you are ⚡️ #limitless

last month

The greatest part of MODERN MUZE is being able to introduce beautiful, kind people to one another (men & women ) and learn from them! @camilladallerup you are a light 🌟 and thank you for guiding us all through meditation and hypnosis that was profound ⚡️ #mindset #disrupt #modermuze

last month

More photos coming ~ but a quick thank you to everyone who came to our @modernmuze event, to all who danced, meditated, got massages, facials, tasted tequila, and met new amazing people ⚡️ I truly couldn’t be happier or more grateful! Xo #modernmuze

last month

Join us tomorrow | get pampered by wellness brands , become inspired with a thought-provoking speaker, make new friends, dance to Cuban music chill in the man cave , taste some tequila (and so much more ) // few tickets left #modernmuze #malibu