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It hasn’t been the easiest year, but this was an important reminder to myself to always do what you can, whether big or small, to lend a hand. You never know how you can raise someone’s spirit in some small way and we all need that right now ♥️

4 days ago

Today’s #ShoesdayTuesday : staying home but making it pineapple🍍 @katyperrycollections

6 days ago

Pre-quarantine ➡️ mid-quarantine 👍🏻♥️ Hope your stay-at-home plans tonight include joining me for a beautiful and breezy episode of #AmericanIdol , taped in heavenly Hawaii back in January and February 🏝

2 weeks ago

#FBF to #babycat ’s 🤰🏼 first show on #InternationalWomensDay 🏏 Hope all my fans down under are safe and healthy and can’t wait to see you all again soon 💕 🎥: @timsek

2 weeks ago

#FBF to when life was a beach 🏝😩 #AmericanIdol is taking it to back Hawaii THIS Sunday 8/7c. Tune in on @abcnetwork and don’t forget you can always catch up on any episodes or seasons 1 & 2 that you missed on @hulu !!! #staysafe

2 weeks ago

In these trying times, I am so thankful for my precious little puppy @missnuggetperry 🥺 I love her so much I even made a shoe out of her, check it out 🤗 #ShoesdayTuesday @katyperrycollections

2 weeks ago

Tune in to the last episode of #HollywoodWeek tonight at 8/7c. ALSO sending a virtual hug to my fellow judges @lukebryan & @lionelrichie and the contestants out there 🤗 miss you all and hope you’re staying healthy, safe and at home #AmericanIdol

2 weeks ago

I don’t know about you, but I am so grateful for my dog at this moment 😩🐶 She and I are going to be watching @AmericanIdol together tonight, so cuddle up with your favorite pet, stuffed animal, pillow, or canned good 🙃 and join us at 8/7c on @abcnetwork #stayhomeclub

3 weeks ago

wHaT dAy Is It Even #stayhomeclub

3 weeks ago

Vitamin C for your fashion diet #KatyPursey #StayHome #ShoesdayTuesday @katyperrycollections

3 weeks ago

Health is wealth! (now and during #HollywoodWeek )☝🏻Catch my tips, and all the twists, turns, and tears tonight at 8/7c on @abcnetwork 📺 #AmericanIdol

3 weeks ago

Anyone else need a feel good distraction tonight? Ration your 🍿 and cozy up to the 📺 , six feet away preferred 📏 (If we don’t laugh, we cry ) #AmericanIdol

4 weeks ago

On a brighter note... a show of gratitude for some bushfire heroes and 7000 of my newest friends in Bright, VIC. Thanks to all who came out and created a new happy memory #fighton 💚 📸 @timsek

4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago

Sissy’s gone trippy! 🌀 Check her out and your new 🌷Springy 🌷 staples @katyperrycollections #ShoesdayTuesday

4 weeks ago

If: Breaking the Australian record for attendance of a women’s sporting event @billiejeanking 🎾 Sexy 🏏 bats and 🤰🏼 ...don’t say #InternationalWomensDay , I don’t know what does 💗 Thanks to all the incredible people that came out to celebrate WOMEN and all their elements on Sunday in Melbourne at the @mcg . Women are not just one thing💋

4 weeks ago

I don’t know when a soul enters a new vehicle but if there is an afterlife where there’s a waiting room of the coming and going my mind wonders if the soul that is waiting to come into my world is getting a kiss on the forehead from my sweet Grandma that departed this earth yesterday. My heart hopes so. If she is able to speak with the soul in waiting the conversation would probably include “are you sure you wanna pick this wild group?!” There would most definitely be some sarcasm, a witty quip or two... tbh grandma probably had a glass of her favorite blush wine ready upon arrival to this afterlife... and a most fashionable look, jewels included, naturally. A lot of what I am is because of my father... and he is because of her. She started it all, as she used to remind us and I’m so grateful she did. Family... is there to show us what love can be... sometimes that journey of finding the love is tough to get to AND through but if you can open your heart and let the light lead the way you will find that incomparable love. Ann Pearl Hudson was a fighter. She survived the Great Depression, raised 3 kids on her own as a seamstress, making G strings for showgirls and other such characters in Vegas. She was always authentically herself, funny and full of all the sweet cozy things you think of when you think of grandmas. She gave me crisp dollar bills in hallmark cards, she let us eat her favorite almond cookies from the 99 cent store while we asked questions about the different fans she had displayed on her walls. She was a wonderful grandma and I will forever carry some of her in me. When my whit comes out, that’s Ann. When my authenticity comes out, that’s Ann. When my stubbornness comes out, hell, that’s Ann. When my fighter spirit comes out, that’s Ann. When my style comes out, that’s Ann. May she rest in deep peace and kiss the forehead of the soul to come and let them know everything is gonna be OK, especially now that they have gained an angel to look over them ♥️♠️

4 weeks ago

In case you forgot about the time change, #AmericanIdol starts in less than one hour East Coast, and I’ll be tweeting with you live! 💁🏼‍♀️

4 weeks ago

Leave it to @lukebryan to remind me how difficult labor will be 😳 Tune in to @AmericanIdol tonight for more weirdness at 8/7c on @abcnetwork

4 weeks ago

Hoping you’re coming to celebrate these incredible women on #internationalwomensday with me @mcg ! I’ll be the one waddling about on stage with a sprained thumb 👍🏻 @t20worldcup #womenneverquit #helpinghands

5 weeks ago

Raising a toast (but not sipping it 😬 ) to @cynthialovely 🍸DRINKS is out everywhere now🍸link in stories

5 weeks ago

Let’s just say it’s gonna be a jam packed summer... 🎶♥️🙂 #NeverWornWhite is out now

last month

Join me for a pre-chat on my YouTube channel before the music video drops for #NeverWornWhite at 8:30pm PT TONIGHT... 🍾♥️