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3 days ago

then the whole wide world paused, and we were forced to enjoy solitude. - here i am. march 2020 in my element. i just chugged a cup of coffee so my fingers are currently shaking while i type this. my cat, india, is dreaming during her habitual nap time, Hold You in My Arms by @raylamontagne just began on shuffle, and i’m procrastinating on my assignments due tomorrow. so even in quarantine, my routine/habits haven’t changed at all, ha. i ordered three books by @joandidionn where she immersed herself in an era of social change, and it intrigued me. because what’s happening right now is most definitely (an awful pandemic with obvious people who have been in pain and some even resulted in death ) but it’s also a time to pause. what truly matters to you? is it the simplicity of life that you forgot to notice or is it the materialistic views of the world? is it being selfish or helping others? this, right now, is real. this is happening. this is history. so, hug your mama a little tighter tonight, call your grandparents, help your family out, read a book (God forbid any Gen Zer’s would do that ), pray, meditate, sleep in, cook, take a walk in your neighborhood like you used to as a child, kiss your cat (or dog ), sing out loud, write in a journal, or watch a movie with popcorn in hand. let us be helping hands (while maintaining social distance of course ), praying, loving people during this time of much needed LOVE, HOPE, FAITH, GRACE, & COMPASSION. and most importantly, let us cultivate into the best versions of ourselves with all of this extra time. so that when we are freed from this quarantine, the world will be a little bit more beautiful and little bit more filled with love. - kelby z <3

4 days ago

until tomorrow... when that piña colada hits you vs. the classic tourist stance

2 weeks ago

a quarantined kitty

2 weeks ago

my fav

last month

i’m curious to know what you love most. leave a comment and i’ll leave a <3

last month

met him at walmart - should we take this one home to meet my dad?? happy valentine’s day to this guy

last month

this is my new child India, but we call her Indie. yes, @indyblue_ i named my cat after you. 🥰 <3333

Jan 2020

yes, we are sisters. see the resemblance?? thanking God each day for these two.

Jan 2020

me: “GUYS WE HAVE TO WATCH THE SUNSET TODAY PLEASE.” them: “fine. “ ; ) ) )

Jan 2020

happy here.

Jan 2020

bro? brother? brethren?

Jan 2020

“the one that got away” - @katyperry on a rainy day. i mean why not? 🌧 do y’all want a part two of this yes or no? <33 side note: ignore my hands. thanks.

Jan 2020

found some polaroids of my beautiful mama and wanted to share. @kimech11 i love you in endless amounts.

Jan 2020

soft smile for the win

Jan 2020

never posted a blooper before but this is what really happens when i try to sing for y’all :PPP

Jan 2020

hey guys, i hope all of your new year/decade resolutions, goals, propositions, and dreams come true to your reality this year/decade. : ) my own set of resolutions consists of reading more, using this particular platform of social media to keep writing, singing, and inspiring others, to further my experience in journalism, and to learn a second language. whatever your own set may be, i hope you tackle them, perfect, and grow with them. i hope you take that gym membership seriously or hold your addiction recovery high upon the priority list. i really hope you take time for yourself. for example, it could be making a cup of coffee, fixing up the best bowl of yogurt, grabbing a quilt and book (of course ), and taking yourself outside to sit in solitude...or maybe that’s not how YOU do it. but whatever it may be, i hope you do it all and i hope you do it well. i’m rooting for you and all of your future selves. let’s make 2020 the initial step to a promising decade ahead. so later on we can all look back and say, “this is when i started, but this is who i am now and i’m so proud of that.” cheers, kelby ✨

Jan 2020

new adventure

Dec 2019

christmas 2019 <3

Dec 2019

don’t ya wish you got this kind of christmas card in the mail

Dec 2019

a perfect pastime during traveling times : )

Dec 2019

christmas eve eve in nola

Dec 2019

right after this i devoured some red beans and rice

Dec 2019

modeled for @harletharpe44 ‘s online boutique yesterday!!! check out @harleygirlscloset for some cute christmas gifts 🎁

Dec 2019

have i studied for my final tomorrow? nope. i’m singing instead. here’s party favor by @billieeilish happy studying :- ) )