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The look on Rowan’s face 😂

5 days ago

May 2020. A lot of family time, some biking, some trampoline, and so many screens (which, of course, I don’t take cute videos of ).

2 weeks ago

The sun came out for the perfect golden hour of puddle splashing tonight (swipe for Rowan ).

2 weeks ago

Our backyard pool is slightly longer than one Annabelle, but that’s all she needs to have a good time.

2 weeks ago

Last year I bought this on end-of-season-clearance then promptly forgot about it until yesterday. Hooray for my hoarding tendencies!

3 weeks ago

We did a thing! I am a novice and will be delighted if we harvest anything but, here’s what we can hope for: strawberries, green, red and jalapeño peppers, white onions, tomatoes and grape tomatoes, string beans and cucumbers. There’s also some lettuce that will only last a little while, some oregano and basil. I’m so excited to work hard and see what comes!

3 weeks ago

Who needs a splash pad? 😬

3 weeks ago

Bike ride turned very obvious metaphor. 💡

4 weeks ago

First Day of School / Last Day of School what a freaking year

last month

April 2020. Lots of home, neighborhood walks, baking, home, messes, home and togetherness.

last month

6:30 on Monday morning? Yeah, take all the screens. Week 7 of this weird world and I just don’t care anymore.

last month

We bought a trampoline. I forgot that I hate trampolines. It will be a miracle if my nerves survive this.

last month

Home “school” April 24, 2020

last month

I love a little kid discovering puddles. So dang satisfying. (Yeah he’s still in last nights pajamas but now they’re soaking and will be changed. )

last month

Finally, at a quarter to sunset, she’s ready to ride her bike and the chain keeps falling off. Daddy to the rescue until we figure out a way to get her a new bike.

last month

Conducting the bubble orchestra.

last month

This is how we use our gross motor skills these days. 😝

last month

These kids are having an alright time at home. ☀️ 💦

Apr 2020

The Three Joyces go on a bee hunt.

Mar 2020

Remember early March when we still went places? Sigh.

Mar 2020

My number 1 favorite spring/summer outdoor toy is a cheap bubble machine. This one was $4 on clearance from target last fall and is saving our third Monday of isolation.

Mar 2020

It’s a perfect morning for a walk (before spending the entire rest of the day at home watching screens, bickering amongst ourselves and baking up a storm ).

Mar 2020

This is how I parent now. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Mar 2020

Annie and her cousin in CT playing Sleeping Queens over Facebook messenger is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. @taryndisorbo