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2 hours ago

FREE !!! Watch the videos we made of @bikeriderstour 2015 !!! Me and @benlucero74 @luceromusic on tour !!! MUSIC TATTOOS MOTORCYCLES !!! Go to www.reelhouse.org and search BIKERIDERS !!! #GØØDTÏMĘŠ @cheapthrillsgoodtimes #luceromusic

4 days ago

KIP!!! Because absolutely no problem ever was solved by just sitting there worrying about it ! #staysafe

2 weeks ago

It’s a beautiful day on the streets of Dallas !!! Hope everyone out there can find lil bits of happiness here and there ... #GØØDTÏMĘŠ #1983FXR #hawaiianshirt

2 weeks ago

Hope everyone is staying positive and having the best day they can !!! Ricardo and I are hanging in there ... I have been wearing Hawaiian shirts for the last few days and I am gonna continue to do so ... just to brighten things up a lil bit ... #GØØDTÏMĘŠ #PMA #LTD #KIP #theendisnear

2 weeks ago

Might delete later...

3 weeks ago

This Friday!!! @boogieeastchoppershow !!! If you are in Florida don’t miss out ... sponsored by @cheapthrillsgoodtimes ... shirts by @anchorscreenprinting ... @chemicalcandycustoms @gassholegarage ... music by @slowseers #GØØDTÏMĘŠ

4 weeks ago

We are giving away Friday 13th skip the lime passes !!! ... The last pass was found in under 10 mins so we hid another one! Pass #7 is hidden where you stick your bubblegum! Come and find it! Every day leading up to FRI 13TH we are giving away at least one skip the line pass and FREE $20 FRI 13TH tattoo! Turn on your notifications, because we are giving a clue every day where to find the pass. First one to find it, it’s yours! ***This is an actual physical scavenger hunt. You must find these passes IN PERSON. •Pass is valid for one person only •Pass is valid for 3/13/20 only •Pass must be presented upon entry •Must be 18 years old to participate •Non-transferable •No cash value . . Make sure you take a picture and tag us!

4 weeks ago

It’s coming up SOON !!! @cherokeeamca @texas_fandango ... CHOPPER CORRAL chopper show ... FREE to enter your bike !!! Swap meet ... flat track races ... mini bike races ... bbq ... beer ... music ... camping ... GØØDTÏMĘŠ ... See Ya’ll There !!! #amca #motorcycle #harleydavidson ... be sure and follow @texas_fandango for updates and details !!!

4 weeks ago

@texas_fandango is coming up soon !!! Bring your chopper !!! It’s free to enter your bike in the Chopper Corral !!! And bring your mini bike to race !!! And there is dirt drags ! Flat track races ! SWAP MEET !!! #GØØDTÏMĘŠ

4 weeks ago

On the road back to Dallas now ... had a great trip to California... and great working with @gregchristian4130 @jonezyzaps @tysonarndt (aka TONY BIGTIME ) @brittyb916 @sinfulwhere @chrisnunezlibertycity ... here are a few of the tattoos I did ... at @thetruetattoo @fresnotattooconvention @royalpeacocktattooparlor @finalsintattoo and @featherfallscasino #featherfallstattooexpo ... thanks to everyone that hosted us !!! #GØØDTÏMĘŠ

last month

All set and ready to Rock here at the @featherfallscasino !!! #featherfallstattooexpo2020 @cheapthrillsgoodtimes #GØØDTÏMĘŠ

last month

Coming up SOON !!! @texas_fandango ... SWAP MEET , RACES , ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLE AND CHOPPER SHOW !!! Vendor booths available now ... FREE TO ENTER your chopper in the show !!! @cheapthrillsgoodtimes #GØØDTÏMĘŠ

last month

Beautiful day off at Yosemite!!! #GØØDTÏMĘŠ

last month

Today we drove to San Antonio to eat a very special meal at @happeavegans !!! The food was Amazing and the hospitality and company was unbelievable!!! We can’t thank ya’ll enough !!! If you get a chance to eat some of Mamasan’s food you will not regret it !!! So stoked @plantbasedg .life and @erickadotson we’re able to join us !!! #happeavegan #GØØDTÏMĘŠ

last month

@elmstreettattoo ... The next Friday 13th is Next month !!! If you wanna get a #13 from me I will be doin a limited number of large traditional tattoos for $300 ... email me at oliverpecker @gmail .com ... #friday13thtattoo #elmstreettattoo

last month

HATS HATS HATS !!! @cheapthrillsgoodtimes hats are now in stock on @anchorscreenprinting website ... www.anchorscreenprinting.com ... link in bio ... #GØØDTÏMĘŠ #cheapthrills #anchorscreenprinting

Jan 2020

THIS SATURDAY!!! @cheapthrillsnj #GØØDTÏMĘŠ

Jan 2020

We had a great trip !!! We took very few photos and didn’t even look at my phone very much ... We saw 3 Great @luceromusic shows at the SweetWater Music Hall !!! Thanks to all the guys ... @benlucero74 @brianneilvenable @johncbass @royfnberry Rick Steff @brownout17 @ninifukuzato Jimmy Perlman and @jenperlman ... so glad that the holidays are almost over and I am so excited for 2020 !!! Okie Dokie let’s do this !!! KEEP IT POSITIVE !!! I have a feeling it is goin to be a Great Year !!! #GØØDTÏMĘŠ

Dec 2019

Check out !!! @my .vegan.week with @plantbasedg .life !!! The takeover is official! Good food and good vibes only! I go by plantbasedG and you can peep my page at @plantbasedg .life. Over the next week...crazy good #vegan food! Just like the vegan pulled pork nachos and #tacos I got from one of my favorites: @tikilocodeepellum •=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=• Lil bit about me: I have been living a vegan lifestyle for close to 3 years now! The best thing I’ve done for the animals, the environment and my health. In fact, I’ve lost over 150lbs since the transition! Never been healthier! Never felt better! (I’ll make sure to post a pre/post vegan pic ). •=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=• MORE BANGIN FOOD TO COME!!! Make sure to peep the stories!! Who said #vegans don’t eat good?? •=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=• #plantbasedg #hiphop #veganlifestyle #hiphopculture #foodporn #blackvegan #londonvegans #dallasvegan #veganAF #veganlife #vegansofla #marathoncontinues #texasvegan #tacotuesday #lavegan #veganfoodblogger #texasvegans #longlivenip #calivegans #houstonvegan #miamivegan #nycvegan #lovelife #GØØDTÏMĘŠ #tikilocodeepellum

Dec 2019

So stoked on @thegoodbook Vol. 2 !!! Thanks to @shauntopper & @dansmithism for letting me be a part of it !!! This is another must have reference book , get yours quick before they sell out !!! #thegoodbook #GØØDTÏMĘŠ

Dec 2019

This Friday is FRIDAY 13th !!! We will be tattooing 24 hours straight !!! Pre sign-up continues today at @heartinhand_est ... you can get your own @elmstreettattoo FRIDAY 13th shirt NOW from @anchorscreenprinting !!! $25 with free shipping !!!www.anchorscreenprinting ... link in Bio ... #GØØDTÏMĘŠ #fridaythe13th #friday13 #elmstreet13

Dec 2019

A picture is worth a thousand words ... 3 decades of friendship summed up in one snapshot... photo by @michaellichterphotography @jeffmilburnautofab #GØØDTÏMĘŠ

Nov 2019

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Check out @anchorscreenprinting now trough Monday for great deals on Elm Street Tattoo , Chemical Candy , Cheap Thrills and Heart in Hand merch !!! #GØØDTÏMĘŠ