Vanessa Mejia @socialbttrfly3

Nov 2019

TURKISH BATH • • • THIS! What an experience, I must say! Turkish baths are a must to experience in Turkey. The idea sounded cool but when we actually booked our activity, I was like what am I doing? I’m paying someone to bathe me lol but it’s an experience... The rooms are separated with males and females and the same sex person bathes you. They scrub your body vigorously to get all the dead skin off and then they show it to you. Lol There’s more to it but we got the bubble bath package and massage; and they wash your hair too! The room is made of marble so it’s beautiful and relaxing. You’re also not alone, many other people are being bathed in the same room as you! This was definitely out of my comfort zone but I’m so glad Rolando pushed me to try this. Would you ever try a Turkish bath?




I went to one a few years ago that was almost a thousand years old. Such an amazing experience

Jan 2020