kelby grace @kelby_zendejas

Jan 2020

hey guys, i hope all of your new year/decade resolutions, goals, propositions, and dreams come true to your reality this year/decade. : ) my own set of resolutions consists of reading more, using this particular platform of social media to keep writing, singing, and inspiring others, to further my experience in journalism, and to learn a second language. whatever your own set may be, i hope you tackle them, perfect, and grow with them. i hope you take that gym membership seriously or hold your addiction recovery high upon the priority list. i really hope you take time for yourself. for example, it could be making a cup of coffee, fixing up the best bowl of yogurt, grabbing a quilt and book (of course ), and taking yourself outside to sit in solitude...or maybe that’s not how YOU do it. but whatever it may be, i hope you do it all and i hope you do it well. i’m rooting for you and all of your future selves. let’s make 2020 the initial step to a promising decade ahead. so later on we can all look back and say, “this is when i started, but this is who i am now and i’m so proud of that.” cheers, kelby ✨





Jan 2020