Vanessa Mejia @socialbttrfly3

last month

Story Time! It’s funny too! So Rolando booked a cultural show for us to check out! He hyped up the show so much and said there would be belly dancing and fire and so much more. We’re at the show and everyone is seated around the mini stage. It’s dark and then a bunch of men walk in dressed in what you see in the picture. They start walking in their positions and then start spinning. Ok... I’m like I’m sure this is just the beginning, it will get better. One hour passes and all we witnessed was these men spinning in circles. lol what I learned after the show is this was a cultural dance where these men go through training to dance in circles and it signifies themselves giving their life to GOD. It was funny after the show because it was not what I was expecting, at all! But hey I learned something.




That’s so funny lmaoo

last month