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NEW SEASON @GhostAdventures airing Thursdays 9/8c Travel Channel ...come see my collection @TheHauntedMuseum in downtown Las Vegas

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Dark moments mean dark adventures. Stay tuned.

4 days ago

Tonight’s NEW #GhostAdventures we help one of our own family members who is in a very serious and disturbing situation “Goodwin Home Invasion” 9/8c on Travel Channel

2 weeks ago

Tomorrow we enter into a home where a series of incredible paranormal occurences is captured on camera all while a mother/wife’s struggle with a dark attachment becomes an emergency situation “Nightmare in Antelope” NEW #GhostAdventures Thursday 9/8c on Travel Channel

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“That entity is a killer of men” TOMORROW 9/8c on Travel Channel #GhostAdventures

3 weeks ago

TOMORROW we return to the most haunted boardwalk in the country with extreme caution “Union Brewery of Death” NEW #GhostAdventures Thursday 9/8c on Travel Channel

3 weeks ago

Thursday’s NEW #GhostAdventures we head to Virginia City where a deadly situation confronts us at the “Union Brewery of Death”

4 weeks ago

Don’t underappreciate the simple moments that mean the most like feeding your dog an organic sweet potato cracker on a beautiful day

4 weeks ago

TOMORROW we investigate the notorious Franklin Castle on a NEW #GhostAdventures 9/8c on Travel Channel. This place is incredibly haunted

4 weeks ago

NEW #GhostAdventures this Thursday we finally investigate the FRANKLIN CASTLE in Cleveland, Ohio

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We’re gonna invite you to the “Devil’s Town” Thursday 9/8c on Travel Channel

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@liampayne kept getting touched by something @thehauntedmuseum ... one of the spirits must’ve really liked him 👻

last month

Sometimes the locations I visit never leave me. One such said location is Gettysburg. When I was there I felt things that made me realize that I may have been there in a past life. I could smell the gunsmoke. Hear the screams. This place made feel different than the others. When I did this re-enactment it felt oddly familiar. I didnt understand it. Had I been here before? I dont know. What I do know is that the experience I had there never leaves my mind. Often times Im back there, just not physically. When I stepped foot on the battlefield its truly a sadness thats deeper than can be described. A war that shouldve never happened. Gettysburg.... I shall return.

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Catch an exclusive SNEAK-PEEK of our NEW Season of #GhostAdventures premiering one week from today during TONIGHT’s “Ghosts of the Harrisville Farmhouse” at 9/8c on Travel Channel

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NEW SEASON... NEW NIGHT... Thursday Feb 27th 9/8c on Travel Channel

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Was great working with you @american_hauntings on “Ghost-Hunting for Dummies” reference guide and thanks for clarifying all this!

Jan 2020

On Thursday we will share with you all a very sensitive & emotional NEW #GhostAdventures Screaming Room as we feel it is important to discuss a tragic event that affected us all deeply & impacted our “Washoe Club: Final Chapter” investigation Thursday 9/8c on Travel Channel

Jan 2020

Dec 2019

THIS THURSDAY is our New Series Premiere “Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room” at 9/8c

Dec 2019

Our spot to escape from the noise

Dec 2019

SUPER EXCITED for “Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room” to premiere Jan 2nd on @TravelChannel Lots of laughs, screams & even some tears...

Dec 2019

Today is the OFFICIAL RELEASE of my new book! You can find “Ghost-Hunting” For Dummies in all stores wherever books are sold and online stores including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Nov 2019

Tomorrow “Pasadena Ritual House” NEW #GhostAdventures

Nov 2019

Thrilled to ANNOUNCE my 3rd book! I had the amazing opportunity to team-up with the world’s bestselling reference brand to write the “Ghost-Hunting” Guide For Dummies. This is a must-have for all paranormal enthusiasts! Preorder now for Dec 5th release! Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more.