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11 minutes ago

She's back to slay us all 💅 Listen to #LadyGaga 's new single #StupidLove now at the link in bio ❣️ #LG6

6 hours ago

J Balvin: "This cover represents dreams because I always wanted to work with Takashi Murakami. Five years ago I drew a flower and didn't know he would end up collaborating with me. And what better way to show color than flowers? It was meant to be." Get ready for #COLORES from #JBalvin with the link in bio 💐🌷🌹🌺🌻🌸🌼🥀🌈 Art by: @takashipom 🎨

3 days ago

The new gods are among us. Listen to the latest #Grimes album #MissAnthropocene at the link in bio 🌎

6 days ago

This is how you listen to #OzzyOsbourne 's new album #OrdinaryMan on Spotify. Or just hit the link in bio 🤘

6 days ago

Say hello to the new look #NewMusicFriday 👋 Then say 안녕 to our first cover stars #BTS 💜 Listen at the link in bio.

1 weeks ago

#ASAPRocky returns to Sweden. Watch our mini-doc now, only on Spotify. Link in bio.

2 weeks ago

You were the leader of a movement. Your impact will never be forgotten. R.I.P. Pop Smoke.

2 weeks ago

It's official 😈 #TheWeeknd 's new album drops March 20. Go listen to the title track now at the link in bio. #AfterHours

2 weeks ago

Take a leap of faith with #PrinceRoyce as he skydives with us and talks about his new album #AlterEgo ✈️ Watch now on @vivalatino at the link in bio.

2 weeks ago

#LukeBryan beams with small-town pride in his latest single 🏘 Stream #BornHereLiveHereDieHere at the link in bio

2 weeks ago

These are #JustinBieber ’s only intentions 💚 #SpotifyHouseOfChanges

2 weeks ago

Thanks for coming to skate last night #JustinBieber 🛹 #SpotifyHouseOfChanges

2 weeks ago

Everyone's future just got better because #EDEN dropped his new album. Listen to #nofuture at the link in bio ▫️

2 weeks ago

Experience the new #TameImpala album with #TheSlowRush Time Warp, featuring behind the scenes content at the link in bio.

2 weeks ago

#Changes is finally here. Go listen to #JustinBieber 's new album now at the link in bio.

2 weeks ago

“It feels crazy to be a part of this in every way. To be able to score the theme song to a film that is part of such a legendary series is a huge honor. James Bond is the coolest film franchise ever to exist. I’m still in shock.” Listen to #BillieEilish 's new song #NoTimeToDie from the latest @007 film at the link in bio.

3 weeks ago

He’s coming for you, @kevinbacon 👀 Check out the video for #TheLastDegreeofKevinBacon and listen to the podcast February 17, only on Spotify.

3 weeks ago

#TameImpala invite you to experience The Slow Rush Time Warp. Follow the playlist at the link in bio to prepare your mind for Feb 14.

3 weeks ago

#PopSmoke is about to shake up the game. Go hear his new mixtape Meet The Woo 2 now at the link in bio 💫

3 weeks ago

Don’t walk, run to go hear #Joji ’s new single now at the link in bio 🏃‍♂️

3 weeks ago

"No Judgement is the first song, and one of my favorites, I wrote for my new record. There are enough people judging, so you do not need to be judged by me is the sentiment of the record." Listen to #NiallHoran 's new single #NoJudgement at the link in bio.

3 weeks ago

Motivation music 💪 New #MeekMill and #JustinTimberlake is here. Go stream #Believe now at the link in bio.

3 weeks ago

The #5SOS boys are back and you'll be screaming #NoShame in no time. Go hear their new song now at the link in bio. #5SecondsOfSummer

4 weeks ago

These features 😳 Prepare your mind for #JustinBieber ’s new album #Changes with the link in bio.