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2 days ago

What even is this madness??!! @markwebber strikes again!! The KING of surprise parties. He said to me “I just wanted you to be shown love by those who love being around you”. I feel so so so lucky and grateful. My wonderful, thoughtful husband. I have only just now landed back in my body after floating on the sheer adrenaline of processing that surprise! What a night. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my mates who showed up for me and to @metta .sol for the delicious food. More funny videos/pictures in my stories tomorrow, off to sleep now feeling like the luckiest girl around. #34 #happyhappyjoyjoy

3 days ago

Me and a bunch of my giggling mum friends ~ none of which have Instagram. The look in my eye says “you’ve had three glasses of wine, ON A SCHOOL NIGHT time to pack it up Palmer” (but first an elevator selfie!! ) Sqweeeeeee 🤪🤓 #ilasted15minuteslonger #itwasactuallyasaturdaybutstill

2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

Bodhi, my boy, my heart. You’re 6 today. I see you buddy, I see your giant sized heart, your beautiful sensitivity, the way you look at the world with such wonder. I see how hard you try to make sure everyone feels included. I see your tenderness, your magical way of looking at the world, your gorgeous, loving, thoughtful way of being. I see your cheekiness, rebellion, inquisitiveness, your wild side. I see your humour, strength, passion and fire. You are such a beautiful medley of so many colours. You are so special Bodhi. We love you infinitely. #happybirthday

2 weeks ago

Babes, you’re my valentine. Thank you for ALL the things but especially for always supporting me like when I need to Uber Eats movie popcorn to the house. You’re my 🌒✨🌍 love you always always always. #valentinesday #loveofmylife

3 weeks ago

Always 💐

3 weeks ago

Thank you @pipandlenny for asking @lovewell .earth to be a part of the Better Together event. Celebrating women and mothers with soulful conversations, yummy food and bevvies plus a silent auction. All proceeds going to @the_village_co supporting mothers in vulnerable situations. Such a beautiful organisation. @christianeduigan and I had a wonderful time (as did Poet! ) Thanks to every one who came along, it was lovely connecting with so many likeminded people. Special shoutout to our Lovewell gals @ellenjanewilliams & @winniepacker for your efforts on the night - including baby wrangling 😆💗

3 weeks ago

As my Nanna was nearing the end of her life our conversations started turning to her most joy filled memories. She would fondly share how raising her 8 children alongside her best friends and their kids were the happiest years of her life. She’d talk about watching all the children spend long days running around in nature together, exploring the world and their imaginations. She would usually end our chats saying that her dream for me is to experience much of the same. She knew me so well. On perfect days like today I often think that maybe she’s had a hand in it. Celebrating friendship, family and connection today. Loving on @pippawanganeen who is about to give birth to her fourth daughter. What an incredible day. Love you all @christianeduigan @jamesduigan @gavinwanganeen4 P.s sorry/thankyou to the guy who randomly came over the walkie talkie to tell me that I was on the wrong channel and to check if everything was okay! 🤪

3 weeks ago

I was sitting in a cafe a week and a half ago and a gorgeous young woman, Leah, came up to me and introduced herself. She handed me a beautiful little handcrafted greeting card that GROWS FLOWERS. I was so taken with her creation that I stalked her Instagram @nurturing_nature_cards and reached out to her to see whether I could commission her to do Bodhi’s birthday party invites. They turned out absolutely beautiful. He got to hand them out to his friends and tell them that they could go home, wet them, plant them in dirt, put them in the sun and they would grow Australian native flowers. What a special sustainable business she has created, please support and spread the word, all her cards are just divine. Thank you Leah

3 weeks ago

Kombucha ✔️ true crime podcast ✔️ 3 napping children ✔️

4 weeks ago

Slow living 🌓 @honour_apparel

4 weeks ago

February already!? Easily one of my favourite months as it brings Bodhi’s birthday (almost 6! ) my birthday (almost 34 ) my sisters birthday and our ‘by the books’ wedding anniversary. This Feb also brings new beginnings for @lovewell .earth 💗 after being very preoccupied with @adiscoveryofwitchestv and a new baby I’m now tending lovingly to my other baby L O V E W E L L. Lovewell is a company that I’m wildly passionate about. Firstly it’s PLANT BASED CHOCOLATE NUTRITIONAL SHAKES! Secondly, we are good for the earth, the animals (vegan ), your body and best of all it’s a very EASY way to get a hit of nutrients for yourself & your kids that tastes utterly indulgent but ticks all the health must-haves. It’s @christianeduigan and I’s small start up business, a little side project to focus on, something that we often refer to as a “gift” that life has brought us both. I’ve never felt so healthy (genuinely not shitting you, it actually lifts me up in the middle of a busy day ) I wanted to show it some love and re-introduce you to this other part of my life that I’m so excited about. Please check us out @lovewell .earth and our site Lovewell.earth (yup NOT .com ) you can read our reviews, chat to other folk drinking it, we are really proud of it and feel so grateful that it’s had such a positive and profound impact on so many of you. We all deserve self care. 💗🙏 P.s I’ll be dropping a bunch of vlogs over on the LW gram soon too so stay tuned.

4 weeks ago

Crews back together again and it feels like I’m trippin in a happiness cloud ☁️☀️🌈 @christianeduigan @jamesduigan @markwebber #fambam

5 weeks ago

Mum of three. #datenight

5 weeks ago

Pig love. 🐷❤️ #friendnotfood

last month

Home time 💗

last month

This. Just this. A whole lotta this. It’s stay at home mama time and I couldn’t be more ready. #thatsawrap

last month

🧙‍♀️💫🔮 @alexcontilewis

last month

2 vampires, 1 witch. My home boys. @adiscoveryofwitchestv

last month

All tuckered out watching mum horse ride today. Three and a half days left of @adiscoveryofwitchestv Season 2. I cannot believe we are here 😭🙏😭🙏 #adiscoveryofpoet

last month

Wanna hang? My plant based chocolate shake company @lovewell .earth is raising funds to support @adelaidekoalarescue who have a bunch of injured koalas that they’re tending to. They’re currently operating out of a makeshift koala rescue centre at an Adelaide primary school (check out their Instagram for more ) @christianeduigan and I are excited to have the ultimate brunch @cruxadl with whoever bids the highest amount, all proceeds will be donated. Bidding is LIVE now! Head to our Instagram @lovewell .earth to find out more 💗🐨

last month

Thank you Fire-ees ❤️🙏 @nswrfs @sa_countryfireservice @cfavic and all the other brave firefighters and volunteers from all over the globe putting their lives on the line to help protect our homeland 🇦🇺 #australiaproud

last month

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping’ “ - Fred Rogers The Helpers are coming out in droves right now and it’s that kind of love, selflessness, connection and generosity that will help Australia heal. Thank you for the love, donations and support in every form that you’ve been showing our country. I have three bushfire initiatives on the go, one in conjunction with @adiscoveryofwitchestv another with @phoebejtonkin and the one I discuss below. Each will benefit a separate charity. L O V E W E L L ~ BRUNCH FOR A CAUSE 💗 Want to have the ultimate girls morning with @christianeduigan and I on behalf of @lovewell .earth ? We want to meet you + a friend for brunch @cruxadl we are auctioning ourselves off over on the @lovewell .earth website! the “auction” goes live Sunday and we will announce the winner(s ) of the auction Wednesday. Brunch will be held in Adelaide (so either you’re a local or willing to fly yourself down ) ALL proceeds go to @adelaidekoalarescue Stay tuned for more information on initiatives including the chance to dine with @phoebejtonkin (and I ) and drum roll.... meet Matthew Goode and a bunch of other cast (and I ) on a set visit of Season 3 @adiscoveryofwitchestv !! #australianfires #australiaproud #getreadygoodegigglers

last month

Baby Diana!! I can’t even with this. Thank you to @pipatkinscostume @sarthur04 @alexcontilewis @wholismlife @ceriwalford @dominiquearthur for surprising me with this matching mama daughter moment! They’ve all been plotting this reveal for a full month. You guys!! Pip you’re a genius. Needed a little pick me up after all that is going on in my homeland and this was exactly it. Check out my stories for the vid! Thanks girls 🙏🙏💗💗 @adiscoveryofwitchestv #minidiana #minigallowglass