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5 days ago

Every morning our team has a zoom call to start the day. Today’s was filled with a lot of tears and vulnerability. It began when our art director started the call by expressing her own pain regarding the recent news. That alone opened up the gates to a long, uncomfortable, and very necessary conversation. I myself had a huge breakthrough when I admitted that I haven’t shown up myself- because I truly didn’t know what to even say or do. But simply admitting to that, I was able to learn that showing up imperfectly is better than not showing up at all. The core message of what we do is to empower meaningful connections. Often those connections aren’t easy. They push us to ask uncomfortable questions, admit places we don’t have all the answers, and keep an open mind and heart to others who are going through things sometimes we can’t understand. Sending everyone love today (and everyday ). Whatever you’re feeling is alright. Love, The WNRS team

1 weeks ago

Stop feeling bad for taking care of you first. Surface image by @gabriel .ucci

2 weeks ago

One of the original questions written for the WNRS card game. The game took years to develop and in the process I wrote and deleted a lot questions that didn’t make it in. This one lasted and is still a favorite till this day.

2 weeks ago

Every day is mental health day for WNRS... but we wanted to do something special to celebrate this month and giveback. We created a printable introspective journal with 14 pages of self reflection prompts, never before seen WNRS questions, and more to help us check in with ourselves and all proceeds are going to charity. I’ll never forget a friend telling me years ago that the most powerful thing anyone can do is “own their story”. It took me years to understand what he meant. Today I’ve come to realize that when we are able to self reflect, learn ourselves, and fully accept who we are in this current moment we’re able to show up so much better for ourselves and others. Learning who we are in this current moment doesn’t mean this is who we will be forever. Quite opposite, it’s the most sure way to empower internal positive change. When our habits, old beliefs, pain, biases, shortcomings are embraced by OURSELVES, we can begin to forgive- and be so in tune with WHY we are the way we are, that we are actually able to create real change within ourselves. 100% of proceeds from this journal will be donated to the JED Foundation.

2 weeks ago

Finish the sentence: I’m worthy of _______.

2 weeks ago

@okdeon and his mom Siriba played WNRS over zoom and this answer made me 🥺🤧❤️

3 weeks ago

And your “no” doesn’t need a long explanation

3 weeks ago

What kind of apparel do you want to see from us?

3 weeks ago

We project our insecurities without even knowing it- hurting others that have nothing to do with the source of our fears and pain.

3 weeks ago

Who comes to mind? Ps that number on the truck is our WNRS hotline. It’s a place I text quotes, introspective questions, and exclusive updates. Text ussss

3 weeks ago

What do you need to forgive yourself for today?

3 weeks ago

During social distancing we’ve seen so many of you guys connecting via our game, both in person and digitally. We want to empower more of these connections. We are picking 3 WNRS to receive a care package including our card game and stickers. WNRS: @robledoyaritza @bambintheskywithdiamonds @alexispaige .k ❤️

4 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

Vulnerable Sunday 💌

4 weeks ago

Whenever I suspect my insecurities are starting to take over in a relationship I ask myself: Is this fear or insecurity a reflection of MY past hurt or their past behavior towards me? Distinguishing whether it’s about them or me allows me to place my energy on inner work versus taking out my hurt on other people that have nothing to do with it.

4 weeks ago

Stop Expecting tee, Red WNRS hoodie, and The Feeling tee have been RESTOCKED! Live now, link in bio.🚨 Image by @okdeon

4 weeks ago

I heard a quote that went something like “Confidence is the reputation you have with yourself”. How do you show up when no one is watching? I think I’ve associated gaining confidence to things I did to myself externally (altering my appearance with makeup, new clothes, whitening strips, etc. ) versus the things I did within myself. In the way I work on myself as a person, the way I show up when no one is watching, how I show up for others. Yes a new purse or dress can make me feel cuter for the moment but the person I am from the inside creates a lifetime value of confidence that only appreciates over time.

5 weeks ago

Today has been overwhelming. Between juggling the art and business of WNRS as well as my own well being, relationships, etc. there are days I have no idea what to do next. Reminding myself and anyone else who needs it, it’s not our responsibility to come up with all the right answers right away. Taking it one day at a time and focusing on what is the NEXT right move can help us move forward without being overwhelmed with all there is to do. In this current moment, what is your next right move? Start there and let that inform what’s next.

5 weeks ago

Vulnerable Sunday

last month

Give yourself a genuine compliment in the comments today. (Permission to brag ) 💌

last month

Y’all asked for them! And they’re finally ready. WNRS artwork as phone wallpapers. (Available now on our Instagram stories for 24 hours ) I remember a while back I went to a party and a girl had WNRS art as her phone wallpaper and it made me really happy and I’ll never forget it. She just screenshot it and did it herself (that resourcefulness👏👏 ) But now we’ve formatted these for your phones to make it easy.

last month

Do you really like them or does your ego just want their approval?

last month

Y’all this is my new practice I’m trying my BEST to implement. When something upsets me or rubs me the wrong way I take a moment. When I respond too quickly to things that hurt I usually regret what comes out. Trying my best to practice letting myself feel things first. Then breathe. Then revisit after the rush of emotions settles down.

last month

Vulnerable Sunday 💋