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Crisis and tough times, require honest and in depth, introspective conversation if we’re going to sit on the side of optimism during this pandemic. Our world will be inherently different, and our mindset shifting into this new world will determine so much within our collective consciousness moving forward! When we the People come together for the greater good of humanity and not -for the sole purpose of self, personal, political and big money agendas we can mobilize in a BIG way! (Look at how world governments have mobilize in just days ) There is NO “Going back to Normal” - The New Normal will require us to LEVEL-UP ⚡️ What’s your new normal? Food for thought.... Photography by @markusspiske #thinkingoutloud #modernmuze #myinnermuze #worldwide_tree Follow me at @modernmuze ⚡️

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Phuket, Thailand Circa 2018 #morelife ⚡️ Follow my new venture @modernmuze

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Today we launched #modernmuzemastery 🚀 Go to @modernmuze to watch full video. Live.Love.Learn @priyaapotheca

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Join me on IG LIVE today at 5PM PST for a LIFE Altering GiveAway⚡️with @drerin .tv “11 Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs To Follow On Instagram.” – Forbes Dr. Erin is a Doctor of Divinity, Founder of Soulciété and Good Morning LaLa Land, International Best-Selling Author, 2016 Global Peace Leader Award, and Mother. Dr. Erin is the CEO, producer, and TV host of Good Morning LaLa Land - America's first live-streaming daily talk show focusing on good news, inspiration, and positivity. @modernmuze

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Follow us at @modernmuze for this short & powerful meditation! #modernmuze #empoweredwoman #modernwoman ⚡️💕

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Go watch the #1 movie on @netflix over the weekend! Congrats to my amazing friend @datariturner for the win! You win, we all win, proud if you D!

2 weeks ago

Excuse my poor penmanship ✍🏻... However I have things to say.... #ISTAYHOMEFOR @modernmuze (And please don’t zoom in on my nails, or do, but only God can judge me ) #quarantinelifehacks

2 weeks ago

How are you disrupting and staying in Peace? Remember that acceptance springs us into action. Let’s stay in high-frequency thoughts throughout all of this, to energize correct action, align with our bodies natural inclination to heal, produce healthy cells and keep our entire body in a state of coherence. I know it’s difficult, as many people are dealing with this enemy at home amongst their families and friends. You are not alone, we’re in this together. ⚡️🖤 @ModernMuze

2 weeks ago

#istayhomefor I Love my friends... @thereallisavidal @breshawebb @jesmeza I pray you and yours are isolating together, enjoying and learning from each other. I pray for healing over all who are suffering through this and I Pray we all stay grounded in the truth- THIS TOO SHALL PASS...🖤⚡️ @modernmuze #modernmuze

2 weeks ago

I erased my Little girls video by mistake and I want to cry... 😢 Well here it is again, enjoy! This too shall pass! @modernmuze

2 weeks ago

Possibility is where we thrive..... @modernmuze

2 weeks ago

TikTok New! Now someone teach me how to do this! Ps. I’m wearing my Minnie Mouse ears all Quarantine .... #followme

2 weeks ago

THANK YOU TO THE MOST HIGH- God, thank you for another year of life! So honored to have today to celebrate the beauty & gift it is to be ALIVE! I’m overwhelmed with so much gratitude - to my family & friends, you are the biggest gift. Thank you all for the love your showered me with today.... Let’s celebrate together in gratitude and appreciation for the gift of LIFE!

3 weeks ago

Instead of paranoia... We will serve our family and communities as a whole by raising our frequency through unanimous right thinking. Create a strategy for our family, stay positive, think beautifully and practice good hygiene. Love you all!

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YES, to new friends! @oliviawagner_ Thank you for embracing our vision, you’re beautiful, sweet, kind and a bad Ass! Cheers to many more babe!⚡️ @modernmuze Photo by @joegretophoto

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It’s a family affair⚡️ #MODERNMUZE AND best mommy in the whole world @zumarste3 and my sister for LIFE @breshawebb ! @modernmuze Photo by @joegretophoto

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We stay inspired by each other, but mainly by our own #MODERNMUZE #besties #womensupportingwomen #tillthewheelsfallloff @heatherhemmens I love our decorative backdrop by @solunaevents ⚡️ Photo by @joegretophoto

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Thank you to a QUEEN, #MODERNMUZE & Friend - @lily_laamazona You blessed us with your sultry, beautiful voice and presence⚡️ Photo by @hayleymurach @modernmuze

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@julieskon and I worked so hard on this, a drink was in order!⚡️ Thank you @calamigos .beachclub and @123organictequila Now time to thank some friends...... MUZE crop avail now on our site! @modernmuze Photography by @hayleymurach

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@myjanesocial Thank you for your sponsorship, and for providing such a decadent and interactive experience for everyone! We love your brand, I especially the skin care line you gifted me! Xx @MyJaneSocial #Myjanesocial #wellness #womenhelpingwomen #giftideas Photography by @joegretophoto

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Thank you @thesleepspa @hastensbeds for providing our guests with such a relaxing experience on the worlds most luxurious bed and making our event so beautiful! @carllarssons @christinaribel Photography by @joegretophoto

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MODERN MUZE @modernmuze We want to thank our sponsors for making our retreat celebration so LIT!!! @julieskon @thesleepspa @hastensbeds @myjanesocial @calamigos .beachclub @priyaapotheca @theurbanandthemystic @manlyhandz @123organictequila @hhwhealing @healthaidkombucha - And thank you @solunaevents for creating our backdrop! And special shout out to @lily_laamazona for giving us the most incredible Cuban salsa performance. Photography by @hayleymurach